My Prediction: If the *wrong*person is elected. Bush will stay.

That’s no stretch of the imagination is it? He hasn’t started packing yet. In fact, he just bought a new gun rack for the oval office. Odds are thin of it happening, because all the front runners are placements. There isn’t a one of them that they don’t own (in truth). Just my opinion of course – based on research, numbers, geographical factors, prior involement with their party and their crowned higher ups, connections to Blackwater, airplane crashes and those who make them, and connections to fundraisers and hellraisers, and bloodline relations, which THEY ALL seem to have, and based on Iowa, New Hampshire, and based on their Board positions – like Michelle Obama’s position on the Chicago CFR – and on and on – but it’s still just a guess isn’t it?

But, if there were some kind of revolution- and there won’t be – not on the scale required – then Bush would hang a new sign on the front door to the WHITE HOUSE. 


Wanna bet?

Of course, there would be a HUGE CRISIS that would call for it first. Something like a nuke on New Jersey- which has good and bad sides to it.


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