Obama: The press is playing the race game. Please ignore it. Disengage.

It’s a trick to take you off your message. It’s got Clinton politics ALL OVER IT. Move on baby. Get goin. We know what’s up. The Media doesn’t fool us like they use to.  TRUST ME.  There is no one undecided on Clinton. Please move on.

Get back on message. Btw: that’s about the war in Iraq (first) and Iran (second) and the growing NAZI personality emerging courageous in this government. Let’s start with Blackwater. Yeah, we care about these things and I hope you get with the program.

The Media has sold us on the idea that it’s the ECONOMY, yet all their showings of the rallies and the debate questions, in general are designed to keep the conversation OFF OF IRAQ. On purpose. They have guided the American people like sheep. Again. They keep telling us what we say is important, and we keep believing them.

If the economy is truly what is important to you, rather than our young men and women in Irag, and young Iraqi kids who are killed daily, then we are so far gone, and I should just sign off.  If that is truly the case, then it’s over already. Our nation, as we know it, will soon fade away.

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