The real reason for the writers strike…

Yeah, they have a beef, but the big wigs won’t budge. Having talented writers off the air during this HOT primary season is their dream come true. All our fave late night shows would be having a FIELD DAY with Romney and Clinton. Can you even imagine the SNL on Clinton’s cying game? OMG- I would have flown in from deep hell for that one. And can you imagine the topics on those shows regarding Romney’s flip flopping? Well, this has been engineered my friends. The media was ceated, grown and maintained by the Antichrist agenda. Not all, but most, save Bill Moyers and maybe Lou Dobbs. Hard to tell who is a Pretender anymore. Welcome to the new world.

They have really done themselves a big favor by removing the LAUGHABLE PIMARIES off the air. These are smart people.  But, we are not buying it.  Do we have any power to bust it? Yes. I write about it often.

STOP BUYING STUFF.   It’s my 2008 mantra – and it’s my forever mantra. STOP BUYING STUFF.

And  🙂 keep the faith my friends. There is a God, but he didn’t write the Bible, and he doesn’t rule this earth.  He didn’t create humans, or toads. He is not really a He.  🙂 Or a she. I don’t have time for that lesson right now. But, keep the faith. Ask for peace for yourself, your family, friends and all living things. You can speak your truth in this world, while recognizing THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. I forgive it all. But, I will continue to use my voice. Sometimes, I get a little carried away. I am aware of that.

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