They fixed my blog: Here’s a post for ya.

More and more United States citizens deciding for suicide. And

they’e leaving notes.

Sound far-fetched? Can you imagine a country with another pro war Republican in office? I am not up for it. I would rather be sipping Bailey’s and coffee in some ethereal Paradise. I’ll beam down some love rays though.Mark my words. If another pro war Peep takes office, and when things get way bad, and they will, if we vote them in, then Americans are going to, (for the first time in history) question the value of existence in this realm. Of course there will be a whole bush-el of Evangelicals who will keep the home fire burning waiting for Jesus. They don’t understand who Jesus really was. Is. But, let me end with this. You CHOSE to come here. You can CHOOSE to leave. Yep, that’s  right. You can choose to leave and you will not be tortured with spiritual honey bees if you do.

Here’s the news you need to hear:  There is no Giant Scorekeeper in the skies above Israel. It’s a lie. The size of the lie is so   h-u-g-e,  most people won’t believe it until their hell becomes unbearable. Then, they will stop FINALLY, and think:  Hmm, wait a gosh darn sec. – I got my Bible right here, and in it – it says……blah blah blah. People: hear this please.

Am I off topic yet?

Lucifer created planet earth, and more. Lucifer created humans through what looks like an evolutionary process. It’s an experiment. The one who brought the flood, the plagues, and parted the Red Sea, is a supernatual being, not from Love. You really need to hear me. It’s the truth. Civilizations are wiped clean WHEN THEY AWAKEN. They are not wiped out for being bad. That much is obvious even now !  Lucifer loves bad. Eats it for breakfast. Ahhh, but when they awaken…….poof ! You can believe the Scripts if you insist.

Our earth God/Gods are not of true light. They simply told us they are and we believed them.

This isn’t our home. If you are here, it means you agreed with the script. You said, “Sure, sign me up!”  It helps a lot when people cross over into the supposed *higher realms* and find their loved ones to greet them. They don’t know the secret either. Now, this isn’t always the case. Some peeps get to go beyond that, but they aren’t wearing military stripes and killing people. THOSE peeps get to come back again and again because they provide the entertainment.

Anyway- I have decided to just lay it out. I may be ridiculed- so be it. I am morhing new fields of understanding.

Regarding the headline that got you here; It’s not too far off.  People would rather die than be enslaved by Satan.

I do hope that you wake up before you make the cross over my friend. Otherwise, you are plugged in for a repeat.

99.9% of people on earth do not know who created them. They wouldn’t believe it if Satan herself/himself appeared before them and spanked them a new hole. ELOHIM.   MI HOLE. – This earth is THE HOLE.

You had no idea did you.  Well, hearing it here, for the first time, is good enough. You will soon see proof of it.

It is all predetermined.  Your gut instinct is to peceive this as fatalistic and negative. Your conditioning is working.  I have no fear of human body death. I know who I am. I have woke the hell up and see with wider eyes. I have come around the horn. At first, it was damn sad and I cried for days. To learn what this world really IS was devasatating to my senses. But, after a while, and lots of prayer to the God I believe in, peace has come. It can happen for you too, if you will open your mind. But you can’t get there from here. You have to walk through the emotional fire of shock and awe first, and get to the other side. It isn’t easy, and it ain’t for everyone. Some will take far longer to awaken. That’s ok. But know this: No one goes all the way home, till all of us go home. That is why forgiveness of the illusion/hologram is critical. You should still speak your truth, and there’s no harm in holding hope, but recognize what you are hoping for.

Cheers -)  Be love anyway. And don’t let others define what that is !


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