THE BELL RINGS: Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate Tonight

You might have 2 or 3 FINAL opportunities to save our democracy. This is one of them. Tonight. I fully support the BOYCOTT OF MSNBC, and particularly Brian Williams, and now – Conan O’Brien, for shamefully perpetuating our failing Liberties. I will n0t watch the debates on MSNBC tonight. I won’t read the transcript. What new thing will they say? That our Democratic candidates don’t stand up for Dennis and Mike, is OUTRAGEOUS. Have they totally forgotten what this election is about? They simply want more time for themselves, and they don’t want to talk about Iraq, New Hampshire, or anything else THE PEOPLE WANT TO TALK ABOUT. This is not acceptable. As of this second, I am now undecided. I was voting for Obama. But, this will not do. Not at all. The entire nation must rise up on Corporate censorship, or lose OUR power and voice as of tonight.  If you were voting for Obama or Edwards, go to their website and give em hell. Clinton- well, forget it, she is way far gone.  Please let others know.

AND STOP BUYING SHIT !!!  If you buy their stuff, it will not end. Believe it.

Boycott the MSNBC Democratic Debate On Tuesday + Protesting exclusion (videos) « Dandelion Salad

Dems need to up-end their dialogue on abortion rights. Now.


 The dialogue spilling from tired democratic ideas has to evolve my friends.  I understand the pain that many on the right, AND left feel for this issue. These are very serious and valid concerns. Women can say what they want about pro-choice, and some of it is also valid, but there is a middle ground and dems and repubs must finally meet there. If any Dem enters the general election with the same old ROE v WADE dialogue, then shame on us for the degradation of the caring, creative mind that sources new ideas so we can come to the middle for national healing, compassion and unity.

Should a women retain the right to an abortion? Yes – as I don’t believe in stripping rights from women, just because the Goddess of Earth wants to experiment and women happen to be the birth canal. No human being should ever be stripped of their individual rights. But, about the fetus/baby.

There is FAR to much abortion. There needs to be FAR more education, leadership, guidance and real help for mothers who find themselves pregnant with an inconvenient child. As they say. There are so many families who want to have children and can’t. It is my feeling that the Dems need to step up right here. Until the moment arrives when there are no good and reliable parents who would take this child, there should be no abortion. I posit there would be very little abortion in this case. A nationwide database could be made available through medical doctors and hospitals that would act to put unborn child’s parents in immediate contact with a couple, or single, who would be willing to partner for the best interest of the unborn child. If either parent fails to show up for the process, from beginning to end, there would be stiff consequences for that. It is too easy for the male to take off, and the woman to be left managing it all – alone. That must change. Dems need to speak to it. Out loud.

The parents of youth having babies need to be guided – not fom a pro choice, pro life stance, but from a Pro Love approach. It will pay off. Just remember, the baby feels EVERYTHING the mother feels.

Yes, there would need to be help perhaps, financially, to help such a pogram work, but it would cost less than what we pay for all of the horrific effects caused by abortions, or unwanted children growing up in the world.

Dems need to STOP using the words Pro Choice. They are not accurate. But, you can’t just change the words; you have to change the perspective and the approach and the heart.

Dems need to come to the middle on this issue and if dem women don’t like it, let them vote for Huckabee.

We can’t stand in the left hand corner with our middle finger in the air and make things better. We must come to some real and meaningful compromise and we can be first to extend our hand.  If conservatives feel a *genuine* effort, there is greater chance for a meeting of minds in the center. Not far left and not far right. Those are war zones we cannot afford any longer. 

 There are lots of things that can be done to remove the appeal for abortion. No young woman is happy about having one, but their stresses sometimes overtake them. This is where honest and centered compassion can facilitate a better outcome for all involved.

Abortion should be the very last option, and so time is of the essence. I don’t believe late term abortions should be legal. Every person involved has had plenty of time to make up their mind, except in the case of rape, incest, or health of the mother.

Obama, Edwards and Clinton….please. Don’t come to the table with the old stone monuments in tow. Take a breath and set your sites on a bright new world where we can get more creative, more caring, more tolerant, more understanding and we can be first to the table with that compromise.

 The conservatives have their valid concerns. They need to be heard. This has to evolve and evolve now. Roe v Wade is a good law, but it isn’t perfect, and we can do better, without stripping women’s rights. But, to make abortion easy and convenient is not correct. When one makes a choice – there are consequences, and that is something the Dems fail to speak to in the right tone and with the correct perspective on the actual taking of life inside the womb. Until there is one of you who are hearing the larger vibe on this, you will be stuck in a cement that suffocates all opportunity for Grace.


LA. doesn’t want 666 area code. But the new one: 749 is still 666. Multiply 74 x 9

b730.gifThere is an area code in LA. that is 666. The citizens finally had enough, and asked that it be changed due to religous concerns. The locality came back and said, ok , we’ll change it. They gave them 749 instead.

Multiply 74 x 9.

= 666

That’s how it works.

It’s funny huh.  This is how they operate.

74 is a big deal:   74 = Lucifer v   and   Jesus  v   and    Mormon v —(backwards alphabet)

74 x 3 = 222    (you don’t wanna know)

74 is code and 9 is the end- the capstone – the final say.   74 x 9 = 666

Check out the story yourself:

Maybe now, you will the read the other numbers on my blog.  This is your wake up call love.

What in the hell are you Mitt Romney?


You told Michigan today that MICHIGAN IS IN YOUR DNA. How do you sleep at night? 

 DETROIT (Reuters) – Mitt Romney will demand more concessions to help hobbled U.S. automakers deal with soaring health care costs and the sharpest spike in mandated fuel efficiency standards in 30 years, according to excerpts from a speech obtained on Sunday. Romney, who is anxious to win the Michigan primary election on Tuesday after placing second in both Iowa and New Hampshire, plans to offer more details of his economic plan in a speech on Monday to the Detroit Economic Club.

Do you know how much you could have helped Michigan with the millions you have already spent on this Presidential campaign. You could have built a technical college in Detroit. You could have hired a staff of 10 to develop programs for the people who have lost their jobs. You could have flown in ONCE at least, and asked the Governor of that fine state: Hey Gov! I’m a MULTI MILLIONAIRE, need any help here in my home state? A good food bank, some new computers for the Library….some job training?  Anything?  Instead you shamefully come with your homeboy song and dance- when they are in deep shit, and ask for their FREAKING VOTE !!!!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????  Even as your undecorated sons are cruisin through in their hot imports, while our MILITARY sons and daughters are getting gassed in the streets of Bagdad by BLACKWATER – the company whose Vice Chairman you have employed to be your National Security Advisor !!! What in thee great hell of all Alien HELLS are you and how did they get you to look so perfectly human?

Please forward the spread sheet of all you have done for Michigan to help those folks. Now would be good.

If you ever find your way into the White House……my sweet god in heaven help us. That the Mormon church, would, as a whole, blindly support this mess is beyond reason.

Tomorrow, I will come to a better place. But, tonight, I am damn mad and I wanted you to know how the little people feel. The ones you will never ever truly know.

I can’t talk right now. I need to breathe. 

If Leiberman shows up as McCain VP, then Dems win – game over.

Hello. Welcome to the party: Have a seat. Leiberman is a Traitor. We know why he is a Traitor. He cares more about Israel than OUR young men and women in America. What kind of wicked madness disease is this?

McCain, your republican friend Leiberman is NOT WELCOME in OUR White House. No hard feelings. Let him go do something else. Many good blessings for him. But, bring him with you, and there is no way you will win the election.

No way.

McCain ahead of Romney in Michigan – according to Zogby, Rueters, Cspan polling.

Released: January 14, 2008

The survey shows McCain with a 27% to 24% edge over Romney, with Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee trailing with 15% support. McCain, fresh off a 37% to 32% victory in New Hampshire over Romney, is battling the former governor on what is essentially Romney’s home turf, having grown up in the Detroit suburbs while his father, George, was governor of the state in the early 1960s.