Huckabee has become a danger to self and others.

What is he thinking! Is this a practical joke? I can’t remember a time when the world stood by and watched a candidate with such potential blow his own brains out in a banquet room on TV. Is someone spiking his Sweet Tea? Chuck Norris….are you still there Buddy? Maybe you could clue us in? What have you done to Huck? Did he fall? Did you give him a head lock? Is he drinking?

Huck. I am afraid for you baby. Please sit down and re-evaluate. This is crazy talk. Is it the pressure? The South Carolina women? I’ve heard about them. Those Spartansburg girls especially. You might need to rest.

You actually had a chance to beat Romney. I was pulling for ya as the lesser of two evils. But, now…..gee- you make Romney sound like Mr. Rodgers. And that seemed impossible!  I’m almost ready to wave Romney through. That’s how bad it is. At the risk of adding to the Romney vote, I have to tell you the truth big guy.

I don’t think you’re going to go very far. You’re trying way to hard to convince Rush you are a serious contender. But, someone needed to get with you as a dialogue coach first. It’s way over the top. Scary, wacky top.

But, you seem like a nice man. Really. Wishing you the best fella.


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