Wait- what? Bush wants tax rebate now- but my tax refund may be delayed?

Fed chairman has spoken. Eveybody at attention please. Who’s getting the new and immediate tax rebate? And why would they be offering an immediate tax rebate when they just finished saying our tax refunds would be delayed? Are they going to finance the rich’s tax rebate with the middle class tax delay? And define delay.

Romney drops to 4th in SC. Fred takes his place.

The wise people of South Carolina know a phoney when they see him.  At least McCain and Huck tell it like they see it, even if what they are seeing is BS. Fred can’t be serious. But, that they have clearly said no to Romney, except for the Mormons, tells me that they won’t act silly, like Michigan. Fact is, I doubt Mitt even won Michigan.

(MSNBC is no longer showing the Pew Poll with Romney in 4th. They are now showing the MSNBC poll with Romney in 3rd)  Man those campaign managers are fast on the phones !!!!

Listen to Obama talk about Reagan. Getting ready for that General Election. I can’t take anymore. Although it seems to me that Obama is a plant anyway. That’s where I’m at on it, so the statement is actually in line with who he really is. Just my opinion, based on a bunch of things.  I can tell you this….if he is actually aligned (secretly) with Bush and Romney (same guy), then Obama is very dangerous. But, we already know about the Clintons. So, there’s that.

I don’t know, I could be wrong. I don’t think I am 100% wrong though.  Something is defin up with this picture.

Lastly, and THIS IS DAMN WEIRD ENOUGH. I am now updating this posting. I had written in here, at first, about a scary exchange Romney had with an AP reporter at a rally in SC. It was just on the news when I tacked it on to the end of this post. Then, I went and did other things. I came back to the blog and as I was doing so, they were rerunning that same exchange on the news again.  I stopped to watch it. Except THIS time, they had edited out the the worst part. The very part I wrote about. They played the first part, and the end, but the one second part where Mitt Romney turns into a real live black eyed Satan right before our eyes was taken out this time. Please, I am not kidding. I am not exagerating, evidenced by the edit.  You will see where the film breaks when and if they rerun it. It WAS all one stream. No breaks. In other words, within the scope of precisely one second (not even) his entire….I don’t know the right word…..persona? ….changed. Then, immediately back, as though he caught himself, and he turned from the camera. I don’t think I shall ever forget it.

And, it also disappeared from this posting. ON MY DAMN BLOG !!!! Go ahead and tell me I am crazy, cuz the other explanation scares me more.

I just donated to Kucinich. My choice is registered. That means more than you think it means.

Choice is everything. What do you choose. The world is going to change forever by no later than 2017, but is going to be vastly different by 2012. What you choose right now becomes your DNA. You are aligning right now with what you want. That has a biological consequence, far beyond what you currently understand. There is so much that has been hidden. No matter. You don’t need to know all that, but you do need to choose wisely. For your choice is your future. When things get bad, and your number comes up, you will make a cross over. You choice RIGHT NOW will determine your crossing. Not meaning to scare you. This is not a religious question. This is REALITY statement. There is a force in the Etheric Plane owned by a very dark force. They will be wearing halos and wings when you arrive. They will be smiling and they will wrap their arms around you. You better have some deeper eyes my friends. You better have some good choices right now about who YOU are. If you get aligned with knowledge, you crossing will be truthful.

Be strong. Ask for help in seeing the truth. The tuth will come if you are ready to see it.

It is my own feeling that NO ONE on either side, who is a front runner in this election is Authentic. This election is everything to them. They would never risk a loss. You are not free. These choices are not choices. They are hand selected for you. Any one of them will due for them. They have a candidate ready for a myaid of causes. Have a cause? We have the candidate for ya ! You don’t need anyone else. We know what you want.

Vote for your choice, based on who you TRULY ARE. vote for someone else, because you think they can WIN, and you have chosen to misalign with WHO YOU ARE, out of fear. Fear is food for that which owns you when you have it.

Harry Reid: Wins Golden Globe for Best Actor (credits Mormon church w/success)

Go listen to this. This is tuly remarkable. From our Senate Leader. His true colors bleeding through. Someone get him a $100 bill to wipe up with.  He has no integrity . I don’t believe for one second that he is a Democrat. Not one second. His support of *some* of the Dem candidates is easy, as it appears the top tier is all hand selected by the True Kings. Since Dodd and Biden and Richardson are the *no hopes*, it’s easy to say nice things about them. That would change if they were about to win the nomination.

Harry Reid, I know who you are and what you are doing.  You are the line in the sand for George Bush. Nothing gets past you that would hurt the cause of George Bush. Are you proud of youself and your mission? How do you look yourself in the mirror.

Harry Reid Attacks Dennis Kucinich on Radio Show « Dandelion Salad


(the ones who just endorsed Romney)

…….The church paid for his transmission. Reid graduated, went on to become a millionaire lawyer and eventually, the majority whip of the United States Senate.

“I’m sorry to admit now I would have quit,” Reid said. “I think I was looking for a way out.”

Without the church, he said, “I don’t think I would have made it out of law school or been able to do as well with my family.”

It is widely known that Reid, 62, is the first Nevadan to ever ascend to a position in congressional leadership.

As a Democrat, Reid is unusual among Mormon politicians. For example, there are five Latter-day Saints in the Senate. All are Republicans except Reid.  (there are far more mormons in congress now)

The first time Reid’s son Leif attended a Latter-day Saint church in Washington, D.C., a member asked him to attend a Young Republicans rally.

When Leif declined, and explained he was a Democrat, the church member replied, “I didn’t know a Mormon could be a Democrat.”




Scientology, Cruise, Travolta, etc….

It is being reported that the church is now seriously threatening people for posting Tom’s bizare video. What in the world are they thinking. Don’t they teach that to give something attention, strengthens it? I think they do. In any case, I am bored by it. But, THIS action tells me something new. And that new something is scarier than the old. It might be time to give away my cherished Mission Impossible DVD’s. The person responsible for bringing this to light did us all a big favor. This is the tip of the iceberg however. If we had videos on all the *interesting* meetings taking place in the world today (just above ground) , we would be horrified.  and why do they get to call themselves churches. Seems like there is a lot of this going on. Very wealthy churches – doing lots of unloving things.

Blogs being censored left and right- I mean left.


It starts in earnest. Big move to censor the internet. Seeing complaints everywhere. You only THINK your post is being seen. But is it? Just because it shows up on YOUR screen, don’t make it so my friend. This is a slow, drip drip effort, because it’s a wide net of evil. Not too much all at once, lest they notice. The more controversial you are, the more truth you speak, the more on radar you bleep. Technorati is designed to make it easier for them to keep track of you and your wisdom. Post here, see it there in a heartbeat. What a machine. Who thunk it. There are people sitting in cubbies all over the world assigned to Clinton bashers. Assigned to Romney bashers, McCain bashers…..Oh, you thought Clinton was left leaning? They have the newest software, and voodoo dolls with your blog name on it’s forehead. It’s indeed a brave new world. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that your message is getting out, just because it looks like it is.

The digital illusion is alive and well. But, don’t let it stop you. Each fearless decision you make to align with truth takes you that much closer to your real home. 

No violence. Just stop buying stuff.

Romney Steering Committee Member Blocks NH Recount (big surprise)

A reader responds to, “PayPal sabotages New Hampshire vote recount“,
The Depressing Truth said…
It should read “Romney Steering Committee Member Blocks New Hampshire Vote Recount”

PayPal blocked the payment to the New Hampshire Secretary of State..
Claiming that one or more of the contributors for the recount had “Islamic sounding name(s) and could be related to terrorists”

Who owns PayPal? Ebay owns PayPal..

The CEO of Ebay is on Romneys Steering Committee.


When do you suppose you will have seen enough about this man and his friends? When will it finally dawn on you what he is? Eventually, people like me go away and live out our lives with less and less concern for those who use their own free will to lose their souls forever.

Project Censored: all bloggers need to see this

Project Censored « butner blogspot

Ann Coulter endorses Romney

Coulter Picks Romne

Coulter’s endorsement of Romney is telling.

http://amerpundit.com/2008/01/16/coulter-picks-romney/ 1 hour agoTo answer Allah’s question, I’m not sure. For a while it appeared that McCain could take Michigan, so why wait until after the primary to announce her endorsement? I’ve been casually taking swipes at Mitt Romney for the past year based on the assumption that, in the end, Republicans would choose him as our nominee. My […]

Hilarious. The first town Mitt visits in South Carolina is called……



He likes that.   He thinks it’s funny.

It’s an inside joke on Michigan. He does it on purpose cuz his buddies love to roll with laughter while the little people place all their hopes in dreams in nothing.  It’s like that mean Capitol One commerical. They made that in honor of Mitt and his friends.