Blogs being censored left and right- I mean left.


It starts in earnest. Big move to censor the internet. Seeing complaints everywhere. You only THINK your post is being seen. But is it? Just because it shows up on YOUR screen, don’t make it so my friend. This is a slow, drip drip effort, because it’s a wide net of evil. Not too much all at once, lest they notice. The more controversial you are, the more truth you speak, the more on radar you bleep. Technorati is designed to make it easier for them to keep track of you and your wisdom. Post here, see it there in a heartbeat. What a machine. Who thunk it. There are people sitting in cubbies all over the world assigned to Clinton bashers. Assigned to Romney bashers, McCain bashers…..Oh, you thought Clinton was left leaning? They have the newest software, and voodoo dolls with your blog name on it’s forehead. It’s indeed a brave new world. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that your message is getting out, just because it looks like it is.

The digital illusion is alive and well. But, don’t let it stop you. Each fearless decision you make to align with truth takes you that much closer to your real home. 

No violence. Just stop buying stuff.

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