Deibold was (is?) a Mormon run company.

As I reported here last week; all pages referencing Mormon connections to Deibold had been removed since I last spent hours reading through them. But, here is one that I just came across today. It is important to note that the top guy at Deibold mysteriously died in a plane crash right before the 2004 elections.  Know this: Deibold is the reason we have George W Bush in the White House.

Snippet and link:

“Ned Hill, dean of the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, doubts if the success of the (LDS run) companies that are part of Larsen’s index can be attributed to any particular Mormon management style.

“If there is a Mormon management style, I’m not sure what it would be,” Hill said.

He said the management styles of the LDS executives he has met have run the gamut. “There is no particular style that stands out,” he said.

Other companies on Larsen’s Mormon Stock Index are Affiliated Computer Systems, Avista Corp., Black & Decker, Candence Design, Computerized Thermal Imaging, Corvis, 1-800 Contacts, Cygnus, Diebold, Dionex, EarthShell, Hillenbrand Industries and Hollywood Entertainment.

So there it is. Plain and Simple. what more do you need to know.

Good luck to us.


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