Romney drops to 4th in SC. Fred takes his place.

The wise people of South Carolina know a phoney when they see him.  At least McCain and Huck tell it like they see it, even if what they are seeing is BS. Fred can’t be serious. But, that they have clearly said no to Romney, except for the Mormons, tells me that they won’t act silly, like Michigan. Fact is, I doubt Mitt even won Michigan.

(MSNBC is no longer showing the Pew Poll with Romney in 4th. They are now showing the MSNBC poll with Romney in 3rd)  Man those campaign managers are fast on the phones !!!!

Listen to Obama talk about Reagan. Getting ready for that General Election. I can’t take anymore. Although it seems to me that Obama is a plant anyway. That’s where I’m at on it, so the statement is actually in line with who he really is. Just my opinion, based on a bunch of things.  I can tell you this….if he is actually aligned (secretly) with Bush and Romney (same guy), then Obama is very dangerous. But, we already know about the Clintons. So, there’s that.

I don’t know, I could be wrong. I don’t think I am 100% wrong though.  Something is defin up with this picture.

Lastly, and THIS IS DAMN WEIRD ENOUGH. I am now updating this posting. I had written in here, at first, about a scary exchange Romney had with an AP reporter at a rally in SC. It was just on the news when I tacked it on to the end of this post. Then, I went and did other things. I came back to the blog and as I was doing so, they were rerunning that same exchange on the news again.  I stopped to watch it. Except THIS time, they had edited out the the worst part. The very part I wrote about. They played the first part, and the end, but the one second part where Mitt Romney turns into a real live black eyed Satan right before our eyes was taken out this time. Please, I am not kidding. I am not exagerating, evidenced by the edit.  You will see where the film breaks when and if they rerun it. It WAS all one stream. No breaks. In other words, within the scope of precisely one second (not even) his entire….I don’t know the right word…..persona? ….changed. Then, immediately back, as though he caught himself, and he turned from the camera. I don’t think I shall ever forget it.

And, it also disappeared from this posting. ON MY DAMN BLOG !!!! Go ahead and tell me I am crazy, cuz the other explanation scares me more.


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