Wait- what? Bush wants tax rebate now- but my tax refund may be delayed?

Fed chairman has spoken. Eveybody at attention please. Who’s getting the new and immediate tax rebate? And why would they be offering an immediate tax rebate when they just finished saying our tax refunds would be delayed? Are they going to finance the rich’s tax rebate with the middle class tax delay? And define delay.


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  2. I don’t think that’s the case. It’s my impression that the government would rather the tax rebates be in the middle/lower classe’s hands rather than the rich’s in order to jumpstart the economy. The upper class are more likely to save their money than to spend it and spur growth. When we plebs get those rebates it’s more likely that we will go straight to Walmart and buy that plasma screen we’ve wanted!
    Jon Markman commented on this in his article which I have linked on my own blog.

  3. The last time we got a rebate, we had to pay it back when we filed our next income tax. It was not a tax reduction, it was just a loan or a reduction in withholding. Is that going to be true this time? If so, they better not tell anybody, because anybody with any sense will just stick it in a savings account until next April 15.

  4. Like the “rebate” given after 911, I will SAVE it. It’s taxable income in 2008.

    Repugnantcans. BEWARE a wolf in sheep’s clothing!!! UNLESS your filthy rich of course.

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