Deibold, Mormon and 221 Jesus Christ

Time to take another look at this since we have voting issues in NH.

Diebold & The Mormon Mason Handshake « Aftermath News

btw:  On January 22, 2002, Diebold announced the acquisition of Global Election Systems, then a manufacturer and supplier of electronic voting terminals and solutions. The total purchase price, in stock and cash, was $24.7 million. Global Election Systems subsequently changed its name to Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

I have told you before that numbers are everything, and dates, times, etc.

Jan 22  is 1/22 

221 =  Jesus Christ  hv   This is the primary string for JC

2002 is 22 

Now you have 12222   a very powerful string and very clear in it’s intention. You won’t like it.

Add it youself please.  English alphabet  A= 1   B= 2   etc

J    E    S    U    S

10  5  19   21  19    Add one number at a time across (horiz)  = 29 h

Now add it vertically the regular way  = 74 v

TOTAL – 103  hv

 Now add it to the hv for Christ.

221  hv


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