May I ? I have no issues at all w/ immigrants, jews, blacks and gays. I love everyone

I think immigrants should stay, work and be happy. I think Jews are talented and wonderful. I am told I am one. Who knew. I think blacks are fabulous. I think Gays are great and should be left alone. I think women are magnificent and men as well. I am posting to illuminate the deceit. Please don’t mistake it IN ANY WAY for my own personal views. I am showing you what I am finding. Sometimes I am commenting. I have a long documented history of an open heart for all.

I am a Reiki Master, a numerologist and a mother and wife of 21 years. I spent 25 years in the theater and have an entertainment background. I love to write. I love the mystical and I love politics. Quite a combo eh?

I spend all this time here because I now see what is going on and I believe I am not to keep it to myself. But, it isn’t easy. It has changed my own life. Each day looks different. I have enormous faith in love. In something bigger and brighter from true love. I know it exists. I see proof of it each day.

I don’t have an axe against Mormons. I have said many times, if you read my blog. The mormon people are fine people.  It’s Mitt and the leadership I question. And the founders. I am allowed to question. I was a mormon.

I belong to no religion. I am not an Athiest. Jesus lived- but his history and lineage has been hidden. I use his teachings to guide me in life…until I blog, then I blow it. I also study Buddhism. I have also looked at the Gita. I am a wordly peep. 🙂

I think religion can be harmful for some people. Community is good and helpful but religion is killing us. I stay away from it, but I don’t stay away from faith and love. I am not perfect, as you can see. I am no Guru, and I have many flaws. But, I am happy to tell you of them. I have nothing to hide. My house is a mess. I eat to many carbs, I spend too much time on the puter, I might be menopausal. I sometimes lie if I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or I have forgetten an appt and am too weak to admit my mistake. These things happen. Each day I try to do better than the last.

Everyone has truth and false.

So, there’s that if you need it.


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