94% of Mormons tow the line for Romney in Nevada ? (CNN)

THIS is the real headline. Wake the HELL up people. What does that say about his win in MA ?

So confusing huh.  All those Mormons who don’t believe in gun control, don’t believe in amnesty, don’t belive in abortion, or civil unions, all voted for the guy, who said, just a few years ago, that he was against those beliefs.

It feels like Halloween.

Did he lie to win MA?  Do the Mormons believe he lied? Did they vote for him anyway?

So they voted for him, knowing he lied? Wait- what?

That would mean, they CARE MORE ABOUT ELECTING A MORMON than electing someone honest. And not just 40% of them. Not 60 %. Not 80 %  Nearly ALL of them.

Good Gawd


One Response

  1. Interesting statistic. The media like to pound on the evangelicals for supporting Huckabee but not a lot of news focuses on the Mormon support of Romney’s campaign.

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