Alberto Gonzales’s Cheif of Staff was mormon, Kyle Sampson

Mormon Tool of Beaurocracy and Fascism

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed Kyle Sampson, who recently “resigned” as the Chief of Staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. After hours of interrogation the team boiled down to Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Orrin Hatch. Sampson was grilled heavily by Schumer only to be passed over to Hatch who would immediately pet and coddle the pasty faced sweaty man and nurse him along until passing him back to Sen. Schumer again for yet another brutal round of accusation and innuendo.
Clearly, this man was set out as committee bait and offered up as a sacrificial lamb in order to shield Rove and Gonzales or maybe even George W himself. Ingratiating as it was to witness Democratic Senators vent their swelling frustration, it was puzzling to see how Hatch was practically feeding him cotton candy.
WHY? Was it merely Republican clansmanship? Not so easy.Turns out that Hatch and Sampson are both Mormons and both graduated from Brigham Young U. To top it off, Sampson served from 1999 to 2001 Counsel to Sen. Hatch on the Senate Judiciary Committee!

older article  but need to know……………………………………………………………………
You simply have no idea do you……remember that Beth Meyers, Rove friend is Romney’s campaign manager.
The day will come, if Romney is elected that you are either going to be mormon, or you won’t have a job. Unless you are hispanic. Then, you can shine his shoes.
Aside from that, our Gov, would not have tortured without Gonzales cover. Kyle knew all about it.

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