What if we take our tax rebate and keep it?

STOP BUYING STUFF. Do you want your power back? Stop buying their stuff. Just stop. Take the money and keep it. Hold on to it. Do NOT even think about a trip to Walmart. Be smart. Here is OUR BEST SHOT !!! 
Right here. Take that money and keep it. Save it. Not in the bank. Sew it onto your hide if you have to, but do not spend it. Stop buying stuff now. It is the only way to make real change. We have enough.  Yes, that will make things worse – — grow up. We are not doing this for OURSELVES !  We are doing it for those who already gave their lives, and the children who are coming to do the same in the name of WHAT ???? The Empire of Greed will not fall until we stop buying stuff, and it’s going to get very ugly before it gets better. At least winter is coming to a close. 🙂 We only have so much time to be heard. Our money has the loudest voice of all.  Honestly, if you don’t get it, please remove my blog from your bookmarks. I don’t want my Aura muddied.


One Response

  1. A bit militant or preachy, but I do agree. We need to stop making this country a consumer economy. I doubt that the corporations will ask why we’ve stopped buying, but instead will cut prices so as to entice us to buy again. The real bottom line is that the United States needs to have companies that employ its citizens. Or charge an import tax/tariff for those “American” companies that manufacture in other countries what they sell to American consumers. They can’t continue to have their cake and eat it too.

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