Glenn Johnson confronts Mitt and shows the world why we should be afraid

CNN’s Reliable Sources donated 4 minutes to the biggest journalism story to happen in the last year, at least. The day a courageous Glenn Johnson, of Associated Press, took on Dark Eyes, alone, and won, while stunned *journalists* stood by in shock that one of *them* would color outside the corporate media lines. There was the dutiful question about the moment, and a throw out to two pundits (one for- one against) then on to the next thing. They like to call their show a *critical* look at the media. Yet, they pay no homage to the Hero Reporter who brought Mitt Romney to his million dollar knees. 

Reliable Sources:  Lame.

We can appreciate you would like to move beyond it quickly, lest you give any other reporters some bright ideas about actually being a useful tool for democracy…but Glenn Johnson deserves at least 7 minutes.

Glenn Johnson, of Associated Press, ought to open his own shop and bring 50% of America with him (at least).  Of course, the establishment press would shut him out, because they have sold thier own souls, and rather like their cozy lifestyles. He couldn’t get a press pass to the men’s room.

Glenn Johnson represents what made this country great in it’s infancy. Courage. Truth. Justice. Remember those? You can google it if you’re unsure. I stand before Glenn Johnson and applaud him for giving America, and the world, the real picture on Mitt AC Romney.  AC= 13  by the way. He knows this.  When Glenn interrupted his speech, we all witnessed Mitt’s horror. Then, we witnessed a confrontational Mitt. HOW DARE YOU ! How dare you challenge me, you piece of nothing !!!  Then, we witnessed him stalk him down after the speech so he could get right up in Glenn’s face and show him a piece of his evil. Cept, the whole world saw the Sith. Were it not for the camera’s the Sea Dragon would have morhped before our eyes. But, it’s not time yet. That would have been foolish.

Hats off – big time – to Glenn Johnson. I will never forget. Never. Priceless.

3 Responses

  1. Please forgive me, if I failed to see what you saw.

    Mitt Romney is the most honorable honest person you could know, not witstanding your prsonal view, which I respect. Please consider the following.

    What are Ant-Abortion Lobbyists?
    They are persons who lobby out of conscience, and that is the best spirit in which to lobby, for conscience sake, for the helpless innocent. Do they not do it without price, just like we make our comments?

    We cannot paint everyone that does not seem to fit our profile of integrity as dishonest. I would suggest we think about this thought very carefully.

    “The ugliness we see in others is only a reflection of our own nature.” As we look at the world the world reflects the thorns or the roses or both. We look at the world and it reflects what we are personally.

    If I am dishonest I will assume that others are dishonest too. Why do we lose the faith, because we have been unfaithful.“

    (New Testament | Matthew 7:1 – 2)
    1 JUDGE not, that ye be not judged.
    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    I feel that you are all very loyal person, only as we all could do, you are misjudging Mitt, because of false cries of foul play, of those who play on our fears. Take a moment to take off your colored glasses, and be proud of your vote of conscience, with no need to repent.

    God bless you all! God bless America and the American people to be free to serve and heal through our unite faith the rest of the world. But first we too must help America to heal, as one nation under God and freedom of conscience, from sea to shining sea.

  2. We will just have to disagree my friend. I mean you no harm.

  3. wouldn’t it be nice if the media would revert to treating politicians the same way they now treat athletes, sports, and celebrities? Those people like Michael Vick and Britney Spears somehow are hammered in the same manner that politicians used to be up to the Reagan era.

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