Major Network News Anchors

The American people are asking you to step up and tell us what is happening to this country. We know you know. We know you have information we need. But, because you fear for your jobs (at least), you play along and allow the Puppet Master to take this dying Democracy like candy from a baby.

There are few persons on the planet who Americans, and the world, place their faith in, to show them the truth. 

Is it just about the money?

What happened to you?

It is clear now that you do not care about us anymore. What is not clear, is what you DO care about.

Why do you continue this charade? How do you do it? What drives you? A mortgage?

I have young children. You might also have young children, or grandchildren. Do you suppose they will not feel any of the pain and suffering that is seeping in slowly and methodically to our system of government? You think they will be isolated from it?  How do you know they will be like you.

Maybe they will be like me.

Maybe they will look back at their mother, or their father and wonder… could you?

Maybe their flat screens and custom headboads will be meaningless to them when they see all the blood in the streets, and a country that looks nothing like the one you had the honor to grow up in. Maybe they will look at your work and decide against it.

Why do you do it? What drives you?

It’s a dirty job and someones gotta do it?

It’s too late to fix it- so why bother?

The people are stupid and aren’t worth your courage?

Which one among you will be the one to speak to the American people about the truth. consistently. No deals. No back room arrangements for compromises. Just 24/7 truth —- not when it’s so late that it’s too late. But, when it matters right now. We see a small number of you trying. But, we also see the deals that must have been made later, because truth is a good thing, until it can change things. Then, it becomes dangerous.

Which one of you?

You ?

There are a small handfull who get on the airwaves each day and risk it all to inform the people. They are constantly under fire and threatened. They too have famlies and mortgages. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t even be here now to blog this. Some of them have been fired or *transferred*. Some of them can’t pay thier bills. All of them have a conscience.

One Response

  1. I just put up some post about the media and realities concealed.

    You are so right about the few news people of integrity out there. We are literally in a situation where telling truth filled facts in context, is considered liberal media bias, leftist propaganda, or sedition.

    When using our rights is considered undermining our national interest, something has already undermined that interest!

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