Sunday Pundit: Reliable Sources and the Glenn Johnson story

CNN’s Reliable Sources donated 4 minutes to the biggest journalism story to happen in the last year, at least. The day a courageous Glenn Johnson, of Associated Press, took on Dark Eyes, alone, and won, while stunned *journalists* stood by in shock that one of *them* would color outside the corporate media lines. There was the dutiful question about the moment, and a throw out to two pundits (one for- one against) then on to the next thing. They like to call their show a *critical* look at the media. Yet, they pay no homage to the Hero Reporter who brought Mitt Romney to his million dollar knees. 

Reliable Sources:  Lame.

We can appreciate you would like to move beyond it quickly, lest you give any other reporters some bright ideas about actually being a useful tool for democracy…but Glenn Johnson deserves at least 7 minutes.

Glenn Johnson, of Associated Press, ought to open his own shop and bring 50% of America with him (at least).  Of course, the establishment press would shut him out, because they have sold thier own souls, and rather like their cozy lifestyles. He couldn’t get a press pass to the men’s room.

Glenn Johnson represents what made this country great in it’s infancy. Courage. Truth. Justice. Remember those? You can google it if you’re unsure. I stand before Glenn Johnson and applaud him for giving America, and the world, the real picture on Mitt AC Romney.  AC= 13  by the way. He knows this.  When Glenn interrupted his speech, we all witnessed Mitt’s horror. Then, we witnessed a confrontational Mitt. HOW DARE YOU ! How dare you challenge me, you piece of nothing !!!  Then, we witnessed him stalk him down after the speech so he could get right up in Glenn’s face and show him a piece of his evil. Cept, the whole world saw the Sith. Were it not for the camera’s the Sea Dragon would have morhped before our eyes. But, it’s not time yet. That would have been foolish.

Hats off – big time – to Glenn Johnson. I will never forget. Never. Priceless.

Going to bed. But first this – about being a mormon


There was a wonderful man in my mormon church when I was about 12 or 13. His name was Bruce Cameron. He was our Bishop and lived a few houses down from us. His wife was Sandy. They were very kind people. I have not seen them in decades. He was our dentist. He was a great dentist. This was a big deal, because I was highly dental phobic. He took enormous care with me when I came to see him, after our family had left the church. I still went to him because I didn’t trust anyone else to work on my teeth. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I really liked him. They were good people.

One of the things I truly loved about the mormon church was the sense of family. They do take good care of each other. The general population of the church, as I have said, are good and kind people. There always seemed to be someone around to help you when you needed it.  Lots of smiling sunday faces for a little girl.

I loved the road shows we did in our ward. These were my favorites. I loved to dance, and we put on quite a show. Then, there were great dinners afterwards, as I recall, and fun times. And, too, the Daddy-Daughter dances I shall never forget.

I was often called upon in my church to give talks. This is one of the best things about being a mormon. They let the kids have a say. They can come up before the congregation and give short talks about lots of different subjects. It was in church – with the talks, that I fell in love with acting, and performing.

I didn’t like Sacrament meeting at all. Way too long. But, sunday school was fun and there were often treats. 

I remember the grass outside the church was always feshly mowed and lush. Smelled so good, and we would all go out and run and play.

I have plenty of good memories about the mormon church, and the people I grew up with. I have other memories too, that are not so feel good, but that’s not for this.

I wanted to offer this up before I go to bed. There were people in my life, in the church, who don’t deserve my anger and sadness. It is not about them, but it impacts them.

My time here on WordPress, and my postings are not directed at the people of the church I grew up in. It’s directed at the people who are mormon, in our government who do bad things, as they pretend they are Christians.

I can’t answer the question why the church supports their actions. That’s not something I can explain. I simply want whoever reads this, that there is place in my heart for a well tended childhood, and the church was a part of that, for the most part.

I may sound Bipolar right about now. I am desiring a little more balance before I tuck in.  I am aware of the energy of such anger as I sometimes express. It’s not healthy for me, nor the people reading along. I am aware.  I think I can do better to continue my work in the world without as much angst. I am going to be working on it.

 Have a good sleep all. 

Top Tier Candidates Ignoring Military concerns


Majority of Presidential Candidates Ignore


by BMCWrites | January 7, 2008
An article published Saturday in Stars & Stripes offered members of the overseas military community a glimpse into the minds of five presidential candidates on issues related to national defense and military spending.  Unfortunately, seven other candidates remain a mystery to readers of overseas daily.  Why?  Because, apparently, those candidates chose to pass on the opportunity to involve more than 450,000 patriots serving their country abroad in the political process.

Let’s see if THIS one gets posted.


Yes, I could use some extra cash. We all could. But what in the hell have we come too?  We have evolved into the most lowly of species, as we let the US Axis of Evil destroy our military and their families.  If you insist on fighting this GREED war, then for GOD’S SAKES, give our military the equipment and support they need. DON’T SEND US THE MONEY !!!!!!  Oh, but they won’t be able to spend it in a way that helps your wealthy friends, will they. They need peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for their kids.

 I tried to post this three times from my WHY ORGANIC BLOG. No luck. That’s three times in 24 hours. So, I am sending from here. But, please see my other blog. The one someone doesn’t want you to see.

McCain’s two sons are active duty military.

Romney’s sons are active duty millionairs.

Just wanted to remind you that John does not parade his son’s out for the public. He has honor. I don’t agree with all of his politics, but he is a decent man.

Wanted to leave this for him.

Republican Party played McCain like an old fiddle

My guess is that he knows it. He knows they want Romney. He’s not stupid. Now that Thompson is out (hopefully), Huck might pick up his votes. But, I think Thompson was a rather sloppy plant to help Romney in the long run.

It’s so mean. What a scam.

 Romney needs Huck out. Now would be good. Huck would have won SC if Thompson were out. 

The Repub party leaders, owned by the Bush machine,  may have tickled McCain with the idea that Thompspon’s run helps him fight off Huck, but that was not the party’s True Intention. Ultimately, they don’t want McCain. They want Romney . Only Huckabee stands in the way. It’s BS. They have been *playin* McCain for so long. They have no shame. 

They needed McCain to get out front for Bush on the war. He was the only one who did so, and they likely promised him the moon. :sigh:  So sad. 

Romney feared a Huck win in SC.  Thompson did good. If he bows out, Huckabee is the real front runner and Romney knows it. I don’t see McCain going the distance. 

The repubs who are war hungry also have Huckabbe. But, McCain isn’t loved by the evangelicals. Bush’s want torture and spying on Americans, and McCain and Huckabee won’t go there. Romney will go there, and up the ante 10 fold. They want Romney. They have given McCain SC to suit their own ends.  Build him up, to tear him down after Huck runs out of coins.

Huck may not have the cash. Romney and Thompson worked it just long enough to do the damage. If Huck hangs in, and there is frank discussion about SC, and who gets those Thompson peeps, then there is going to be no doubt. Huck beats Romney. Hands down, and Romney knows it. Is that a good thing for America. Well, one is the AntiChrist, and one isn’t.

Romney’s Campaign Strategy

When you stop and really look at the Romney Strategy, even though he is temporarily ahead with delegates, you find a interesting approach.

He hangs his hat on three sugar coated wins. 

The delegates that sailed in from Wyoming ——–even CNN couldn’t bring themselves to announce.

Then Michigan.  His hometown where his dad governed for 3 terms.

Then Nevada, where half his votes were Mormon and only Ron Paul campaigned. Personally, to stand witness to the Mormon turnout at 94% Mitt, does more to actually scare the crap outta people, than help Mitt.

That’s it. Wyoming. Mittagan, and Nevada.  And he just called himself the front runner.

In ordinary circumstances, I would be chuckle.

He has outspent, out of his own pocket, all the other candidates BY MILLIONS.

He lost Iowa. He lost New Hampshire, despite some likely Deibold help. And his millions in negative, dishonest ads.

He just lost South Carolina- even after spending more millions. He will lose Florida even after spending more and more millions.

Furthermore, there isn’t a non mormon democrat anywhere in America who would vote for Romney for President.

In fact, if you want to mobilize democrats. Run Romney as the nominee.

So, what’s left for Romney ? Idaho and Utah. If he doesn’t win those with his millions, then that’s weak.

Let me make this clear. Democrats will never vote for Romney. So, if you want a Clinton, or Obama presidency, go ahead and keep running Romney. If Romney were to win, it would only mean that he stole it. Is he capable of that?

You be the judge.  Just ask yourself this:  What it would it cost, and can he pay it?