Republican Party played McCain like an old fiddle

My guess is that he knows it. He knows they want Romney. He’s not stupid. Now that Thompson is out (hopefully), Huck might pick up his votes. But, I think Thompson was a rather sloppy plant to help Romney in the long run.

It’s so mean. What a scam.

 Romney needs Huck out. Now would be good. Huck would have won SC if Thompson were out. 

The Repub party leaders, owned by the Bush machine,  may have tickled McCain with the idea that Thompspon’s run helps him fight off Huck, but that was not the party’s True Intention. Ultimately, they don’t want McCain. They want Romney . Only Huckabee stands in the way. It’s BS. They have been *playin* McCain for so long. They have no shame. 

They needed McCain to get out front for Bush on the war. He was the only one who did so, and they likely promised him the moon. :sigh:  So sad. 

Romney feared a Huck win in SC.  Thompson did good. If he bows out, Huckabee is the real front runner and Romney knows it. I don’t see McCain going the distance. 

The repubs who are war hungry also have Huckabbe. But, McCain isn’t loved by the evangelicals. Bush’s want torture and spying on Americans, and McCain and Huckabee won’t go there. Romney will go there, and up the ante 10 fold. They want Romney. They have given McCain SC to suit their own ends.  Build him up, to tear him down after Huck runs out of coins.

Huck may not have the cash. Romney and Thompson worked it just long enough to do the damage. If Huck hangs in, and there is frank discussion about SC, and who gets those Thompson peeps, then there is going to be no doubt. Huck beats Romney. Hands down, and Romney knows it. Is that a good thing for America. Well, one is the AntiChrist, and one isn’t.


3 Responses

  1. Kind of looks like the only person who might be able to stop Romney is, drumroll… Rudy!

  2. its fun to watch the fredbots squirming with the thought of a centrist candidate.

    I only wish Paul had been seen as more of a shot across their bow for years of liberal leanings

    and once again – its plug your nose and vote repub or be faced with another 8 yrs of clinton mayhem and scandal

  3. how do you square your comments now that mcain has the nomination sewed up

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