Romney’s Campaign Strategy

When you stop and really look at the Romney Strategy, even though he is temporarily ahead with delegates, you find a interesting approach.

He hangs his hat on three sugar coated wins. 

The delegates that sailed in from Wyoming ——–even CNN couldn’t bring themselves to announce.

Then Michigan.  His hometown where his dad governed for 3 terms.

Then Nevada, where half his votes were Mormon and only Ron Paul campaigned. Personally, to stand witness to the Mormon turnout at 94% Mitt, does more to actually scare the crap outta people, than help Mitt.

That’s it. Wyoming. Mittagan, and Nevada.  And he just called himself the front runner.

In ordinary circumstances, I would be chuckle.

He has outspent, out of his own pocket, all the other candidates BY MILLIONS.

He lost Iowa. He lost New Hampshire, despite some likely Deibold help. And his millions in negative, dishonest ads.

He just lost South Carolina- even after spending more millions. He will lose Florida even after spending more and more millions.

Furthermore, there isn’t a non mormon democrat anywhere in America who would vote for Romney for President.

In fact, if you want to mobilize democrats. Run Romney as the nominee.

So, what’s left for Romney ? Idaho and Utah. If he doesn’t win those with his millions, then that’s weak.

Let me make this clear. Democrats will never vote for Romney. So, if you want a Clinton, or Obama presidency, go ahead and keep running Romney. If Romney were to win, it would only mean that he stole it. Is he capable of that?

You be the judge.  Just ask yourself this:  What it would it cost, and can he pay it?


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