Thou Shall Not Kill (the exceptions)

Except for when we need a reason to go to war with Iraq. 

Except for when we are fighting for oil (and dominion)  in Iraq.

Except when women and childen get in the way of killing while fighting for oil in Iraq.

Except when voting systems need to be adjusted so we can stay and kill in Iraq.

Except when there is a lot of money at stake.

Who wrote those darn commandments anyway ???????????

2 Responses

  1. … sounds like it has come from greedy minded men & women …

  2. Except maybe when you want to end another life in your body. You hypocrits slay me. 1.2 million babies murdered in mom’s womb every year and you all pretend to worry about a couple of thousand military killed. You all hate Bush that much that your baby bloodthirst blinds you to your own lack of spirituality.

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