Romney’s Porn problem not going away.

During a recent Associated Press interview, Romney said he did not recall pornography coming up for discussion while he was on the Marriott board from 1992 to 2001. (NINE YEARS) Despite being chairman of the board’s audit committee, he also said he was unaware of how much revenue pornography may have generated for the hotel chain.

If you are a Nevada Republican Mormon. Turn your head and pretend you didn’t see it.

“MA. was a under-performer under Romney”

Northeastern University economist Andrew Sum, who has researched Romney’s (job creation) record, said MA. lagged the U.S. average during that period in job creation, economic growth and wage increases. “As a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years, he said. “On every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”