“MA. was a under-performer under Romney”

Northeastern University economist Andrew Sum, who has researched Romney’s (job creation) record, said MA. lagged the U.S. average during that period in job creation, economic growth and wage increases. “As a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years, he said. “On every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”


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  1. Just a comment from being a participant in the Cult Awareness group I attended about 20 years ago. Also to note; most religions start as a cult of some individuals alleged revelations.

    I cannot comment on that group, whose name I concealed, because it was taken over by a very rich cult with many lawyers who could put the Cult Awareness people under unending legal assault. That is what I heard anyway.

    Maybe Mormons are different now than then, but as in the JW’s, they were some of the most fearful and damaged individuals. Families torn asunder when authority was questioned and stood up to.

    Be vary wary folks, of those smiling faces in their allegedly God given places. Cause once you are in that pool, there may be no life preservers to keep you afloat in reality, nor steps to safely leave.

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