Obama, MLK, 2008 and 666

MLK was killed leaving room 306.  In my new numerology system, I use the circle of 360 degrees as part of the end result. I also use the pyramid. Why?  Google  THE CHEVRON AND THE CIRCLE.  The Jesus Tomb, is engraved with a pyramid and a circle, which also stands for zero. It’s about the O.  I didn’t see the Jesus Tomb documentary until after I intuited the JCN system.  (Jesus Christ Numerology). At any rate…..most of you can’t take this much horizon, but I am going ahead anyay.  I can’t teach you what I have learned in this post- or a year of posts. I don’t have time. Consider yourself lucky I have time for this .

http://www.jesusfamilytomb.com/   go see the engraving.  The numbers for the Director and the documentary itself are far too impressive to ignore.  For my money, this is the Jesus Family Tomb.

I have been saying for a year now:  Someone, some party, rolled the stone away and took the body of Jesus and hid it. Maybe in the temple, until they could move it out. I do believe that the body of Jesus was taken to the Great Pyamid, and the numbers show it time and time again. If not that, then there is some other HUGE connection between JESUS and the GP.  How did the so called Poor Soldies for Christ become so wealthy? If you are hyperventilating right now, you aren’t ready.  X out now please. For your own good.

First- is it really BARACK  or is it BARAK ?  Follow along closely. I often add things that are spelled wrong, or so I thought. As it turns out in most cases, it was no accident. It was illumination. Yeah, there is such a thing.

If you work with this system enough, you see the twists and turns.  You will see how there are words that mean many things. Words that spell something backwards and initials with big power, and incorrectly spelled words that aren’t really incorrect spellings (for us).

There is no difference in the *sound* of Barack and Barak. I began with this thinking it was Barak. Not Barack. In the end I don’t believe it was an accident. You will see why. But, it could be. I could be wrong. I say that here and now.  For now, I am sticking with Barak.

Getting back to room 306. I don’t miss these things and you should know that the movies ARE FULL of references to highly significant numbers. You just don’t know, because you aren’t interested to know. But, lots of people know my friend.

I take the 306, the number I am interested in….and I would add it to 360 degrees. It comes to 666.

Understand the power of the circle. First and foremost is reps INFINITY/ FOREVER   FOR EVE

Torah may be  TO RA  and the letter H which is an 8. On it’s side, it’s forever. TO RA FOREVER.

666 IS ONE Mark of the beast. 

So, then I notice this.


Since it’s MLK day, I am thinking about Alabama and the fact that the Uof A fans say GO BAMA !

O BAMA  as in Alabama and the cirlce. You don’t know enough to discount this. The 24 hour clock is also representing degrees in the circle and it’s major. Don’t be silly anymore.

If Obama gets the black vote away fom Hillary, he wins handily. No questions asked. Even a corrupt election would show. BUT IS HE BLACK?  I have heard more than a few pundits say he has Muslim lineage.  No one has convinced me yet that he is black. Not yet. Still waiting. I would like to remain open. But how wise is it to rush into this when we don’t know more. If there was ever a reason for moving up primaries, wouldn’t this be it. No time to go fishing. It’s just too odd that this country is in love with someone they don’t know.

Just to make this clear here now: I am not voting for Clinton. I am voting for Kucinich.

And why is Michelle Obama sitting on the CFR ? You don’t want even wanna know those numbers.

I looked at my log and I noticed I have only one other entry for the number 306.


2007 was the year that Obama  announced his candidacy. This system was also founded in 2007. Easter.

306  plus 360 degrees = 666

Now this: 



ARAB    and the K stands for 11.   The number 11 is huge.

Now, even if you keep the C -which you can if you insist – it still spells out ARAB on the end.

This might seem silly to you, but this is pecisely the kind of thing that takes place.

Now, recall that O BAMA zip code is 60606.   (666)

Sounds bad eh?  Keep and open mind. Even if I don’t.

Every number has light and dark, but dark made the alphabets. The light does not make alphabets, but they use them in order to communicate with us, with the only language we know. Therefore, you will find the kindest hearts matching up with the darkest numbers for they are representing the light side. But, there are several diff ways to align. I can’t go into that right now. But, MLK also aligns with dark numbers because he intersected with them as a peacemaker.

This system is very tricky.

Is Obama a Muslim ? Or is he black ? Because if he is Muslim, we have a lot to talk about.

Hurricane Katrina showed us how our gov cares about Blacks. I watched Katrina coverage 24/7 for months. I don’t recall any coverage of Obama being outraged. None. Where was he- as he parties on through Alabama in honor of MLK. Is this a joke? Now if I missed it, please feel free to point me to it, so I can alter this posting. I am willing to eat my words.

O bama also said he admires Reagan. That was BIZARRE.  That man did more to hurt this country than any except Bush.  Who Reagan gifted us.

Obama also CO-SPONSORED a bill for Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah to get the bankruptcy law changed so the churches could get their millions in tithings. I find this to be very very curious. So as a new Senator, this is where he places his attention ?Show me the Katrina Bill he co-sponsored. Anything? And his church has also been questioned about it’s praise of Louise Farrahkan. (sp) Why aren’t we hearing a little more about that?

Now look here:

WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666  using the backwards alphabet


So on the front end, the ONLY 666 I have is Aryan Brotherhood. On the back end, the only 666 I have is WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST.  Think about this please. Who designed the English Alphabet, and why did it flip over backwards to reveal the most amazing phrase/number on planet earth? Who is using the backwards alphabet? Why.


That CNN went waaaay out of their way to send a crew to Africa to hunt down his grandmother is telling, since I don’t believe a word CNN says. But, there is the nagging question of Obama’s second father, and where did all the money come from to send him to the best schools and to Harvard? Romney, Hatch’s buddy, went to Harvard, but his family had lots of money. Where did Obama get the money? We know nothing about him. Nothing.

There is MABUS prophecy that talks about the antichrist taking office and wiping Israel off the map. Please go and read it at www.greatdreams.com  pull up MABUS.  Which could be MA. Sub……up from the sea into the world of politics. It can also mean substitute…..but for who………

Using the backwards alphabet:  HOLY BIBLE  = 207

see   www.207.net   and read the ABOUT US and read the client list.

27 is the number that connects the backwards and forward alphabets.


G  O  D

2012 23      23 = BUSH H

Also    MORMON = 29   74  103  using the bkwards alphabet

The regular alphabet JESUS =  29   74   103     (THE SAME)



What does that tell you. Read it again please.

Make no mistake about this:  OBAMA has a ton of money. How. Why. He is only in politics a few years. Where did he make all these friends. ? All of a sudden. Not only that but his voting record is suspect.

I wish I could tell you that #1 your vote will count, and #2 your vote will bring change. Things are going to change alright.

No matter who is in.


For those of you who are reading along and are familiar with this string……..hello   🙂

THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA  = 117   234   351

This string is the most important string. I have done thousands of strings and found NO MATCHES until Obama with the spelling you see. It’s stunning.

2010 is the 234th bithday of the USA.  Thei r main # is 234. and also 342, 243, 324 etc.

I don’t have time for more on that.

Then the Venus Transit in 2012.  See the backwards alphabet GOD.  The next one comes in 2117. See below.

Another twisty thing is CURVATURE OF THE EARTH. One day, I acidentally added cURvURtURe of the earth.

The numbers stunned me. Then, I realized I spelled it wrong. Then, I realized NO I DIDN’T.

UR is huge. It was the birthplace of Abaham.  When you look at it across it’s this:

U    R

21  18       What’s interesting is that it was 2118 when Abraham made the covenant.  Isaac born 2117.

U  S   is 2119

119  is the same string as 911.  Obama also has 119 in one of his primary strings.

In closing, I want to make it clear. NOTHING you have ever been taught about God and Jesus is true, except the Love stuff. The Earth and humans were created by Lucifer and given to Isis – she is the mother of earth.  WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS SARAH pyamid/circle number is 1776 !!!!  If you are laughing – you are not ever going to learn. Go back to your football game. Isis is the Statue of Liberty. Google United States + Isis.

The signature of the antichrist is right now running for President. But, remember, it’s an agenda more than a person.

The president of the USA is not the supreme authority.

Last thing:  If you hear Obama talk about Colin Powell to become part of his gig, then you know he is NOT who he says he is. Powell’s numbers are very dark. In fact, you only need to read history, and see that if it weren’t for him, and his sales job to the UN, we might not be here. 

What I am seeing, to close, is the selling of Obama as the angel spirit of MLK. He is no MLK. Not close. Something is not right here. Given what I see in his numbers and name, there is way more digging that needs to be done. Way more.

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  1. I found this a couple days later: YEAH, IT’S RELEVANT:

    Hebrew word “nivrechu” is the niphal conjugation of the root word “barak.” Literally it can read: “and in you all nations will be born through mixing.” (as in the mixing of seed).

    This tuly opens a whole nother can of worms. You be the judge. I post this according to FAIR USE.

    READ IT.

    Dear Brother Moshe, Question:

    I read in your book, The Truth About All Israel, where Mrs Wootten said that the word “blessed” in Gen 12:3 means mixed and was from the Hebrew word Ve’nivrechu. I look it up in Strong’s Concordance and it turned up the word Barak which means to bless. How did she arrive at this word Ve’nivrechu and why the descripancy?
    -Lawrence Davis


    Regarding your question about the use of the word “nivrechu” to mean more than just “blessing” but rather as “mixed” or “grafted”:

    ( The reference to Genesis 12:3 below is VEY TELLING. Of all the numbers that show up in the Mormon numerology, it’s 123. ) ——–
    In Hebrew, Beresheit/Genesis 12:3 literally reads: “Ve’nivrechu bekah kol mishpachot ha-adamah.” “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you and in you all the nations of the earth shall be mixed! The Hebrew word translated in most translations as “blessed”, is the Hebrew word “ve’nivrechu.” “ve-Nivrechu” appears only three times in the Tanak at Beresheit 12:3, 18:18 and 28:14 and all three times it speaks of how Avraham will affect the nations of the earth. This word can also mean “mixed” or “grafted” as much as it connotes blessing. This is important when one understands the greater plan of Yahweh to fulfill His promise to Avraham and his descendants to, yes, certainly “bless” the nations but also in “how” He would do that blessing: via “grafting” or “mixing” of his seed into all the nations.

    Of all the times “blessing” is intended the word generally used is “barak”, “yivrechu” “yevarech” or some other variant of “barak.” Interestingly, after Yahweh uses the other forms of the word for “blessing” such as “Va’avarechah” (and I will bless) and “mevarachecha (ones blessing you) He suddenly within the same verse gets very specific by using “nivrechu” when directly alluding to the manner by which He closes that verse describing how He will “bless” Avraham. So yes, on the one hand it certainly can be seen as an additional form of blessing from the root word bet-resh-kaf or “barawk” used most often to mean “blessing.” But again we believe that there is more than just what lies on the surface particularly when one considers the promise of physical multiplicity made by Yahweh to Avraham and his descendants, a promise that is so overwhelmingly important that it is Avraham’s belief in that physcial multiplicity promise that then is credited by Yahweh to Avraham as righteousness resulting in the Avrahamic covenant between Yahweh, Avraham and Avraham’s descendants (through Yitzchaak and Yaacov of course) [Beresheit/Gen. 15:6] For Avraham knew and trusted Yahweh to be faithful to fulfill and keep His promise to him of physical multiplicy irrespective of the seemingly contradictory request by Yahweh that Avraham sacrifice his son Yitzchaak.

    We thus believe the use of “nivrechu” at Beresheit 12:3 is an important nuanced reference by Yahweh to Avraham of the manner by which all this blessing will occur. (i.e., Avraham by then gets the point that he will be blessed, now Yahweh is telling him specifically how. This is why then later at Bereshet 15:4 Avraham is told by Yahweh that one from his own loins/bowels shall be his heir and not Eleazar. Thus Avaraham confidently and faithfully follows Yahweh’s instructions regarding Yitzchaak and can even make the bold statment that “we will return” (meaning both he and Yitzchaak.) Also, note that at beresheit 18:

    Read the rest at:


  2. There you have it.

    My work here is done.

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