Clinton a wiser choice over Obama.

I swore I would never support Hillary. But, supporting Obama would be stupid. The only thing we know about him is Oprah. Uh, that’s not enough. Bill Clinton has a long record of actually doing good things. I can’t talk about Monica. That just makes me ill. I supported his impeachment. If we can’t all stand for the rule of law, on BOTH SIDES, then why bother with anything. Of course, we now have the benefit of 20/20. What the Bush’s have done to this country is not just criminal – but evil. It dwarfs the stain and it’s lie. And, there is no accountability, for the republican lawamakers only follow the law when it’s a democrat on the ropes.

There are several other areas of concern, to be sure, but when vote comes to shove, casting a vote for Obama, given what I have learned, and not knowing anything about him, I say No Thanks.  Edwards is the better choice of all three. But, well, you see how things are panning out.

O BAMA:  Maybe next time. Show us what ya got. Lay out a vision then see it through. Get in there and work hard and do something of significance. I haven’t seen any evidence that Obama is ready to be President, or deserves to be President, and that’s BEFORE I see ARAB  11 .  (Barak).  You can use Barack if you want.  But, I know more about the numbers than you do, and how names are fudged to hide the truth from some, and illuminate it for others.

At any rate, if it comes down to Hillary or Obama, since both of them have significant numerical issues, I would say Obama is just too much of an unknown. The no vote on Iraq is suspect to me. His co sponosered bill with Orin Hatch really bugs me. Especially given the HUGE result for Orin’s church.  His insane admiration of Reagan. His own church that honors Muslims…..and on and on. I just don’t like it.

You might be asking how praise of muslims makes any sense. Well, Bhutto is dead, and Bush is sleeping with a Saudi Prince. So- get with it. There are *good* muslims and *bad* muslims. To this very day, I have no idea which country George Bush is really a citizen of. That question reasonably extends to his commrades. If you haven’t read the MABUS prophecy, then……

Hillary and Bill have been out front in the public view a long time. Decades. We can all agree this is not a perfect man/woman/couple. But, and it’s relevant, we have a long record of accomplishment.

Just ask yourself one thing: If you could turn back the clock- would you, or would you be right here now, in Iaq, with a near depression and trillions in debt?

It would be nice if our electorial process were ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, so it’s not Corporate America and other higher – evil-er forces  picking the candidates for President. But, we fell asleep and here we are. In hell. If Americans don’t wake the hell up and act, it is going to be HORRIBLE existence for the children.

I can’t vote for Clinton. I am voting for Kucinich. But, if you are are still undecided, I wrote this for you.

Caveat:  If Clinton wins the Dem nomination- she may not win the general. She would likely lose to McCain. But, she would beat Romney, unless he steals it.

Remember: Stop buying stuff. Don’t spend your tax rebate. Be mindful what you do with that money. It’s blood money my friend. Wash your hands after you touch it.


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