Question: About John Edwards

I like Edwards, but I do have questions. He ran with John Kerry. Kerry gave in to Bush and the 04 Ohio recount which proved election fraud. He didn’t fight it. Neither did John. Is it possible, at all, that John is running to siphen votes from Obama? I know they have placed people in the other side. I believe that Thompson was placed to siphen from Huckabee. Is there a ONE ELECTION ORDER working to bring forth the candidates they want to be the nominees?  I don’t believe they want McCain. The Bush’s have already crowned Romney.


2 Responses

  1. You’ve got nerve, John Edwards was running for President before Obama. Maybe Obama made his deal with the DLC, being John Edwards isn’t on board with them anymore and he’s pulling votes from Edwards as the Anti Hillary, which have made the deal who ever comes in 2nd is the VP. Or why don’t you resort to what all other Obama supporters seem to do if you declare you don’t support Obama, “oh you must be racist”.

    I can tell you, I am sick to death of the card playing the Obama campaign has done and I NEVER imagined I would see such an angry and divisive campaign as I’ve seen from this guy who claimed he wanted politics of a different kind (yeah right) and who wanted to be our Uniter (W 2.0)

    Personally, I look at the issues policy and record and that means John Edwards has my support. If I couldn’t vote in the primary for Edwards, it would go to Hillary, because she is next best on the issues.

    …Just a quick little example and being this shouldn’t be about race or gender, I’m sure you can understand issues.

    When they both had a vote.

    Lets just toss out the war votes, because they are the same.

    On the Cheney Energy bill (Nukes and Oil giveaways),
    Clinton NO
    Obama YES

    on Bankruptcy Amendment to limit interest rates to a max 30 pct.
    Clinton YES
    Obama NO

    On Lobbyist pushed Liquified Coal Bill, 2nd one for Obama
    Obama YES
    Clinton NO

    on their proposals for Presidency, on a full range, Hillary’s policies are more progressive and Obama’s are more Conservative.
    …from economic policy, to Health Care. Hillary’s covers all, Obama’s is not Universal and with that, it will also not help bring down costs.

    These are the facts.

  2. Good grief. 🙂 Well, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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