Clear your covenants now. It is vital you do so.

I was sealed to my parents in the Mormon temple in St. George Utah when I was about 12, right after being baptised for the dead, in a huge golden bowl. To this day, those images sit with me, and not in a good way. Now that I know what I know, I have some better ideas on why they do these things.

First, you need to understand who the second Messiah is, and it’s not the year 2000  Jesus Christ they have held up throughout the world as a way to make money, control people and fight wars. This is a very old battle, controlled from generation to generation, within special lineages.  We are the sheep who go along and wait for our Savior.

The seed of the mind of Jesus has come and come again, and has been murdered again and again.

MLK, Ghandi, Lincoln, JFK,  and many others, who made a choice at some point to expose the truth, tear down the lie, and help people on a large scale. The seed of (true) Jesus is in us all. But, there is a second Messiah coming and it’s going to be one hell of a light, sound and wind show. That is because your parents (for those not awake) are Supernaturals. Some call ET’s. Whatever. It’s too long a story to outline, but look around you. Educate yourself. They are making themselves visible. The Phoenix Lights is all about THE REBIRTH OF THE SON. But, it’s a son with rough skin my friend. I don’t mean to make light of it.  If you knew what they have been doing here for many decades, while you slept, you would surely go mad.

Long story short. You are soon to learn more. But, the reason the mormons seal their families and baptise the dead is to keep control on where you go when you leave here. When you cross over, depending on the vibe you take with you, you will be met with non physical beings, then some family. You will believe you have died and gone to heaven, your home, because that is where your family is. No questions asked. Then, you are invited to return to this plane for unfinished business. or, moved on to other *places* where you can be an instrument of their plan.

These are the puppet masters and they rule this plane.

Be very mindful as you go on from here, to keep an open mind. Unless you wake up to what IS, you are going to be lost in space. Literally.  And time.

They own more souls here than they don’t own and they do this through covenants. You do have free will, but when you make choices from ignorance, your free will is thwarted. You are choosing based on faulty perceptions.

If you have made ANY convenants of any kind, break them. Clear them out through direct prayer to the God you believe in. Clear the covenants of your family. Ask for the release of your lineage from the hands of darkness.

Or do nothing and think this is crazy. It is your choice.  Keep your faith personal, between you and the creator of you true self. Not the one that stands in between realms to catch you when you come and go. These are the ancient Gods of Greece, and the ones who ruled Egypt, then every continent as more and more of their children needed shelter. It is a hologram. A game. Like playstation. And you are a willing party to it, if you have been baptised my friend. It’s about the water (the blessed water), that you/me so willingly bathed in to become one with the Gods of Earth. The Holy Bible was influenced heavily by these forces.

Using the backwards alphabet,  HOLY BIBLE = 207.

You might want to trust me. This isn’t good.

Using the backwards alphabet, WHICH NUMBER REPRESENTS JESUS CHRIST = 666

The people using the backwards alphabet are in power right now. In ways you are unaware of.

That look like this:

Z = 1   Y = 2   X = 3   etc.

I have outlined this system over and over here. Read the blog. Add it up for yourself.

Lastly, there is nothing you need do in this realm but release hatred. You don’t need to covenant with some church, God, or thought system with numbered constructs. You only need to release your hatred. That’s it. When you do that, war and attack is impossible. But, suit yourself.