They will nominate Romney and steal the general election. Welcome to hell.


Do you feel sick? Ordinarily, I would say, get a passport and run for your damn lives. But, they are chipped now.Dig in and wait.  I am not kidding. The end is near. It’s in the numbers. It was nice blogging with you.

Romney Campaign Manager just said THIS !

Barbara Comstock, Romney’s campaign manager, just said:  Mitt wants to maintain Gitmo, and keep “enhanced interrogation techniques” and he’s pro life.”

Hmmm, pro life on one hand and torture on the other.

How Christian.  How utterly Jesus.

I am out of words. I have done all I can.

I googled Romney, and it came up money.

Did you mean:   democrats against money  

AlterNet: Election 2008: Romney Runs His Campaign Like Bush


Democrats might have blown off Michigan, but they’re certainly getting some goodies from …. RE: omney and the three other Stooges Posted by: leoforward – 53k –


If you can believe the Mason Dixon Polling. Hardball states it’s because of his money. He’s spending MILLIONS that the others don’t have.

 Perfect.  We have reached critical mass.

It’s money. Money, period. Nothing else really. Money and good looks.

Why do I want to curl into the fetal position?

Lemme see: Why these candidates? Which meeting did I miss?

No on Romney, No on Clinton. No on O BAMA, no on Huck. No on McCain if I can help it, and no on Edwards – though a nice try.

 I am NOT HAPPY with any of them. And people in this country – who are fat asleep, have no clue as to who Kucinich is. They hear his name and they think UFO.

Funny thing is, it’s precisely THAT story Americans need to hear.

It’s about to get damn ugly.  There will be blood.

Olbermann confronts Mitt on “FREEDOM REQUIRES RELIGION

You might not have seen this clip on Olbermann’s response to Mitt Romney’s speech at the Bush Library.

How to control Mormon trouble makers

Mormon troublemakers get their records tagged. See this video for an AMAZING recounting of what happened.

I post this because there is almost NO info on the net about these things.  And our leading Republican presidential candidate won’t talk about it.

It’s far too important to let pass.