Do not vote for any frontrunner. If they have tons of money to run, DON’T VOTE FOR THEM. You will know them by their fruits, means you will know them by their money. Please please wake up. Take a chance. Be courageous. Save ourselves. Clinton, Obama, Romney, are all aligned with dark intention, numerically. I haven’t done McCain’s numbers yet. Even Huckabee would be better than any of the above. Believe it. As bizarre as that sounds. That should tell you how scary the other choices really are. If you have the foresight, vote for Kucinich. He is the only one I am seeing as coming to our rescue. Period. We will reap what we sow, and have no one to blame. If you think you are voting for the person you see running….think again. The masks are tight, but will come off.

thank me later


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