I said early last year. I will say it again. It will be Romney and Clinton.

They would rather Obama, as it looks to me like he is a Trojan Horse for the neo cons. I know that sounds bizarre, but why wouldn’t it be? They don’t want John Edwards. they don’t want Huckabee. They don’t want McCain.  It’s sewn up. The Satonic power will steal this election and there is nothing anyone in Congress will do about it, because they are all either bought and sold themselves, or they are very afraid. Chances are good, they know much more than you and I know. There is no other explanation for thier Treason.

 Romney and Clinton are both 231 v

2007, when they announced, was the 231 st birthday of the USA. This is no accident.

Romney announced candidacy to press INTENTIONALLY on Feb 12.   212

JOSEPH SMITH = 212  hv

221  = Jesus Christ hv 

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi = 122

It’s all about 2012 my friends.  Expcept it won’t be the Jesus you think it is.

We slept too long.

But, fact is, this is not our true home. It is a holographic experiment/ wanting created by Lucifer.

Just look  at history. While you still can.

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