Repubs and the media are swooning over Obama.

Bob Bennet, one of the best barometers for what is really going on, sat on CNN a few minutes ago and got all warm and fuzzy on O BAMA. That scares me. Why is he doing that. My instinct is this: Anyone who Bennet swoons over is Satan. Now, some will argue that they would rather run against Obama than Clinton. Ok. Fine. But, I have seen FAR TOO MUCH  about Obama to just let that slide.

There is something hidden here. As I have said. It smells.

Now, I realize that it feels like he would be far better than Clinton. I use to agree.

I see the absolute hatred the repubs have for Clinton. Just seething hatred.

But, they like Obama. Bennet said that he could be President.

If they hate Clinton so bad, it means I am voting for Clinton, if I only have a choice between the two.

I don’t like the choice. I have loads of questions for Bill Clinton, BUT, there is no way

I can vote for anyone the republicans support. It’s done.


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