WHICH SEARCH ENGINE TO USE ? choose wisely – they’re on to you.

NEWS FLASH:  *They* have been working hard behind the scenes of the internets. As for my own IP, I can’t get a cup of coffee at most search engines anymore. AOL CONSTANTLY returns a error message, or SO SORRY, YOU ROMNEY HATER, PAGE NOT FOUND. Then they play one of those scary halloween soundtracks. So, then I try Google. It’s working less and less. Less and less. PAY ATTENTION. There is only one search engine that actually returns results for me. That’s YAHOO. www.yahoo.com  . Unfortunately, they seem to be having a tough time ight now – financially. I wonder why ???? News of lay offs. But AOL and Google are doing just fine thank you.

YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS, MEANS YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR MONEY. They help their own, and destroy not their own. This is the MEANING of the mark of the beast. The mark is the money. If you don’t have riches, then you are not of them. If you have money, you have a seat at the Satan’s table. You will have money – and lots of it, if you get on our side. The killing, murdering, greedy, corrupt, faking side.

Lastly, just because it looks like you are pulling up some results, doesn’t mean you are getting the important stuff.

Boy, if you’re not awake by now…..

I highly suggest to you, that use Yahoo to search. Until they are gone. It’s only a matter of time. Very soon; like January 08, you won’t be able to pull up jack. Jack is gone. All you will be able to search is favorite DOG names.

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