Oh goody. John Kerry, who was pathetically spanked by Bush in 2004, to the tune of PLEASE DON’T HURT ME, and Ted Kennedy whose family have bloodlines to the scariest superbad peeps on earth are endorsing Obama.

Makes me want to go out and become an OBAMA LAMA.

 Educate yourself.

 Now, here’s the deal. If Ted Kennedy is such an ICON OF EXCELLENCE, and all the rest of the Kennedy’s, then why in all the BATCRAP of Irish (slash) Scottish Folk Dances, is THIS COUNTRY in such horrendous trouble ????  Ohhhh, I forgot. It’s the republicans fault. Kennedy’s have no power. His excellence is a quiet excellence.

I have lots of questions when he has time.

Like these:

Why didn’t you make sure there was an honest 911 INVESTIGATION?  Why is New Orleans still a mess? Why did a veteran die under an effing bridge while you snacked on Cape Cod Clams on the half-effing-shell !  And how many visits did YOU make, Your Most High Democratic Excellence, to WALTER REED?  And, what have you ACTUALLY DONE about the killing of women and children by Romney’s peeps at Blackwater?  And why didn’t you step in and do something about fraudulent lending – in all areas? And why do foreign nations own so much of our stuff? And why haven’t you done more to stop the jobs from going over seas? And why are there still so many people uninsured for health care?  And why have you allowed Haliburton to rape it’s employees? Do you have no voice? I have not heard hide nor tail of you in a long time. Did you know our world went to hell in a handbasket ? What Courage is this, oh brave King Of Nothing?

The Democratic Party became TOTALLY CORRUPT long ago.


yippeeee  – I feel sooooo much better. I can’t wait to pull the lever for Kennedy and Kerry that means Obama and my undying appreciation for you and all the good you have done.

Look at it like this Ed and John:

I am a very busy woman. I have children and car pooling. I run a business, and I shower. I entrusted the smart stuff to you guys.

When I go to dinner, and I pay over $150,000 for that dinner, I don’t want to have to get in the kitchen and watch you cook. I don’t want to know how much diced garlic you used for the mussels. I don’t need to know the food costs, and I don’t really have to know what long hours you work, or whether you are nice to your co-workers. Don’t need to know you found a couple of new vendors and saved the company $100.  Don’t much care really, that you look real nice every day. Happy for you, if you have some nice changes by moving around the plants.

But, when you bring my plate to the table and it looks like you threw up on it, it matters.


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