Bush said: No Clones – NIH is cloning (the God Number)

“George W said:  Human cloning is deeply troubling to me, and to most Americans. Life is a creation, not a commodity. (Applause.) Our children are gifts to be loved and protected, not products to be designed and manufactured. Allowing cloning would be taking a significant step toward a society in which human beings are grown for spare body parts, and children are engineered to custom specifications; and that’s not acceptable.

In the current debate over human cloning, two terms are being used: reproductive cloning and research cloning. Reproductive cloning involves creating a cloned embryo and implanting it into a woman with the goal of creating a child. Fortunately, nearly every American agrees that this practice should be banned. Research cloning, on the other hand, involves the creation of cloned human embryos which are then destroyed to derive stem cells.

I believe all human cloning is wrong, and both forms of cloning ought to be banned, for the following reasons. First, anything other than a total ban on human cloning would be unethical. Research cloning would contradict the most fundamental principle of medical ethics, that no human life should be exploited or extinguished for the benefit of another. (Applause.) ”

source:   http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/04/20020410-4.html






The numbers for the National Institute of Health is 123 h  and that’s not good.

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence. Except a year ago I googled the Jesus #   105192119 and found

other research with the Jesus # all over it. I posted it on the internet. The page is gone. But, many have copies.

In addition to the Jesus # was the number 2118.   ABRAHAM # 

B   A    R

2    1   18        NICKNAME FOR BARBARA


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