CNN – MSNBC has info you don’t have. You will never have until it’s too late.

I have been listening to Joe Scarborough, and he is changed forever. Stunned. He cannot stand it. His man, Mitt, lost. Chris Matthews- same thing. Some of the others have moved on this morning, but not until they have had their say on how shocked they are that Mitt lost. Pleeeeease.  See, if Mitt wins, then all of his rich Corporate friends have more and more money, on the backs of the *gentile* little people, and that means more money for CNN and MSNBC. But, here’s the big secret:  The Mormons do NOT align with the Jews, numerically. They align with their Creator though. I’ve already told you who that is. Think about that later- when you’re holed up in your house, without your guns and no food storage.

So….What’s the topic this morning on CNN and MSNBC?  Obama. Now, how does one go from Romney to Obama with such fervor?

Both CNN and MSNBC are on the Obama train.


Now, if you read my blog, you will easily see that I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. Before now, I couldn’t ever imagine voting for her. I supported Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I was horrified at what he did. Still am. I was outraged at his pardon of Mark Rich, and these two things would keep me from voting another Clinton.

But, a picture is coming into focus here, and I am paying much closer attention. You should too.

I have run the numbers on Barak Hussein Obama. His string, is – well, the single most potent string I have done, and I have done many. Why is it potent? Because it’s numerical alignment is with Romney. And Romney’s God. You don’t wanna know who they are. If you haven’t seen the Discovery Channel’s PHOENIX LIGHTS, it airs again on 2/22. Don’t ya love that number? It’s theirs. But, see it anyway. You do realize that there are extra terrestial craft (ETC ) buzzing planet earth- and some of them are a mile long. Now, what do you suppose that means. You aren’t paying attention are you. These beings are the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza. At some point, you will understand that I am telling you the truth.  Just planting a seed, so you know when it comes.

Anyway, not going to do too much on this right now. 

The Corportate News Media aligns numerically with absolute evil. Sure, they run there nice little Afghan Women specials, and then they do nothing to honestly help them, by blatantly supporting people whose chuch supresses women. It’s worse, but I am out of time. Read my blog. Save yourself.

Anyway- I don’t like the Obama numbers. I’m not hip to the Obama endorsers (knowing a little about their lineage and connections) . I don’t like the hoizontal expression of his name, which is a intentional program my friend.

B   A   R   A  K

2   1   18   1  1

2118   is a Abraham signature. Abraham made a covenant with Lucifer (by accident). The God of Earth has been the ruler here ever since, and has manifested in the media, the churches, and business, by virtue of the souls that are owned.  The covenant was made in 2118. Isaac born in 2117.  The next Venus Transit after 2012 is in 2117.

Don’t post to me to tell me that his name is Barack. I doubt that it is. In truth.

George Bush Sr calls Barbara – BAR   –    2118

212 = joseph smith  hv

221 = jesus christ  hv

2012 is coming


B   A  B

2    1  2               (SHORT FOR BABYLON) 

111 on the end of Obama’s name is A ANTICHRIST stamp.  Especially on the end. This happens with anyone whose name ends in AK. Or begins with KA, like KATRINA.  Not everyone is owned yet, so you won’t find evil everywhere, but his full name is a Super String of superbad intention. Given his relationship to Orin Hatch of Utah, and his ooopsie votes in congress, I am highly suspicious of him. If there was ever going to be a TROJAN HORSE, it would be now. Google 2012.  It’s far too important. It’s everything.

I already told you that Romney and Clinton align on the vertical.   231.   This is a very big deal. If they are the nominees, then we have a repeat of September Dawn. Do you know about the word DAWN?  And isn’t that a strange coincidence? The mormons against the ones from Arkansas. There is far more going on here than you/we know. But, if Obama gets in – then you have two candidates with very interesting alignments. I don’t feel good about it.

So, what does all of this mean.

It means we slept too long.

But, the more the media trashes the Clintons, the more I am inclined to vote for her. Because I know exactly who the media is. Bill and Hillary would be far better to trust than them. Way. Are they the perfect solution. Nope. Not at all. But, this is where we are.

I like John McCain, and were not for his war support, I could have voted for him. But, if I align with him, I align with murder. That takes me out of the hands of true Jesus. No thanks.

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