2012: The ramifications of aligning with evil

I’m not voting. Here’s why. I know and believe in the power of belief and alignment. THIS election is all about aligning with belief systems. Do so at your own peril. Why is it important for THIS election? Because of 2012. You really need to read my blog. Get some coffee, close the blinds and go deep. Right now, the way I see it is this:

You are going to decide right now what you believe in. THAT choice, for the most powerful leader of this world, is counted. How? Not, by some giant robed score keeper. That is a script. Wake up. It counts for the next leg of your journey. If you align with murder, death and suffering, expect to stay with it long after you cross over. No, you don’t really get to pick ‘KICK THEIR ASS SEA BASS”  here, then turn up in Holographic Heaven, created by the same evil force who ruled you in 4D, and get a pass. Nope. And all your war mongerings family members/family will be there to greet you, because  #1  – they are also stuck in Satan’s web and #2 there is no better way to convince you that you have arrived in the right place than to meet up with Uncle Bill and Aunt Minnie.  

They don’t keep you long *there*. They rewire their creations, and farm them back out, based on what you CHOSE before you arrived. Yes, you do have free will. Lucifer/Isis cannot touch you if you detach from every last piece of them. Bless it and move on. But, your choices IS your free will. 90% of all life chooses from a tiny construct of knowledge. In other words, you are choosing based on what you know, and we don’t know jack.

There is a whole lot you don’t know. But, until you know it, you’re going nowhere. Just a fantastic loop of repeat madness, handily scripted for the ages, over and over and over. 

So, here’s the bottom line:  What do you believe in ?  Know Thyself. Then decide what you are going to CHOOSE.

As for me; I am choosing NO THANKS, CHECK PLEASE.

I see what this is. I see there is no loving option. Those people were wiped out of the campaign early on.

What we have now is not who I AM.  Therefore, I am not CHOOSING it. I am absolutely certain that there is a realm of grace waiting for me. I can’t get there, when I have my boat docked and knotted in this place.  Boats dock when choices are made. Choose the vibrational signature of this place and you will get this place.

Your being has a signature. A number  🙂 Well, more accurately, your Human Being is a sound and light ID, that manifests into every single fiber of you.  Your belief system is your Biology. Your DNA. But, there is a parent force, who has better software than you, and as long as you sleep, you cannot escape it.

All I need do now, is continue my work, and my efforts to inform people of what is going on here.

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