Answer to the Good Question

Antiwar peeps, who are pushing for McCain, recognize what ROMNEY IS. The thought of a President Romney is horrifying. He would be WAY worse than McCain on ALL THINGS, which is why the far right want him. Look at who the Romney support is. Look at the giant Media Spin Machine choking over the turn of McCain events. They had his grave marker engraved already, and NOW THIS. Sooooo, now they know they have to fight, and they are willing to control the airwaves and likely fix elections to make it happen. It’s gonna get ugly.  Why do you suppose that is?  THINK.

This is obvious right?

I am not voting.  I am sitting this one out, because….oh go read my blog…..What I am doing is making sure that Mitt Romney is not the nominee.  I am anti-war. But, if Romney becomes President, I will never have a voice with which to say that again.

McCain is the ONLY one in the race who I know well enough to say I BELIEVE HIM WHEN HE TALKS.  I’ll be honest though…..if I was voting, and I’m not, I would likely vote for McCain, because I believe Obama is a Trojan Horse, and I have had enough of Dynasties. Never ever again. Don’t even think about it Geb.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Ron Paul, or Huckabee. I just don’t know them well enough to say whether or not they are dishonest.  On a personal level, I like both men.

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