Army Suicide Rate Highest on Record


Posted on Jan 31, 2008

3 Responses

  1. Eh? I agree with the ‘war mongers’ part, but your use of the word “Luciferian” makes me question if you know what that word even means. I would think that the problem is that they are Christians, thus the war-mongering that Christianity is historically known for.

  2. Think about this.

    Put ordinary citizens in exactly the same situation as the soldiers but instead, never let them retreat to a safe country because it’s their country that is under siege. Add abysmal living conditions, poor access to basic needs and the constant presence of foreigners crawling all over your country killing “suspected insurgents”. Then sprinkle in a bit of religious call to duty and a smattering of anti-American rhetoric and volia, instant suicide bomber.

  3. I think that if some of the republican canditates that preach “never leave Irag” are elected and lets bomb Iran for Tel Aviv, then the draft should be reinstated to stifle the warmogers once and for all. Imagine if when you go to the polls you automatically enlist yourself or a member of your family for the draft if you vote for a war canditate. Bet that would change the election results. Yes another war for the masters of Congress -AIPAC!

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