Joe Scarborough losing more and more sleep over McCain

John McCain is ruining Joe’s life. Joe can’t sleep or eat. His man Romney is now showing 15 points behind McCain nationally. Joe is sick over it. How could the good republicans of this nation vote for such a liberal. He aims to do something about it. He doesn’t know what yet, but dammit, Romney is going to be President if he has his way about it. He knows the real Mitt. He knows Mitt simply lied to get elected in MA. He doesn’t know why he lied, and he doesn’t care. Tim Russert looks on and wonders if Joe will make it through Super Tuesday. There is a video on You Tube, shot of Russert consoling a sobbing Scaborough at the watercooler. 

Joe reminds us that Romney won Michigan and Nevada. Oh, and Wyoming. He has erased New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and the big one, Florida. They don’t exist anymore. Georgia is now beachfront. And, it’s going McCain. Joe is happy to learn that Mitt is throwing his last remaining billion into Utah. They like McCain. He knows that if Mitt loses Utah, then this whole thing is just one giant playstation game with no 10th level.

Each morning,Joe wonders, out loud,  “What in the world are people thinking.” He’s ravaging every Neocon rag in America,  looking for McCain hate, so that he can inform his viewers that the McCain momentum is vulnerable. He has found stories in three small towns. Two are in North Dakota. The other town is where Romney’s house is. His neighbor doesn’t like McCain. He doesn’t like Romney either, but that’s not the point. What IS the point? No one really knows. Joe is beginning to ramble on about Alito and vacation time he never took.

Joe Scarborough, the early morning NEOCON FIX MEISTER, promises revenge on McCain for the abomination perpetrated by McCain about Mitt’s “timetable” issue. How utterly unfair to say these things out loud. Where the voters would hear! McCain is a terrible man.  Joe knows it, and he aims to make you know it.

Joe Scaborough may not make it. Mica is reported to be tiring of it all. She use to smile more. The morning Joe has become the midnight hell.  Joe- calling her at all hours of the night, wanting “someone to talk to”. His own wife has taken the kids and gone to Olbermann’s house. Keith has made it clear that Joe is not welcome. There is no room at the Inn for the McCain Haters and CEO’s of anything. Joe feels so lost. And alone. Why won’t anyone listen. McCain will bring the end times. He is Satan. He will reverse the Bush tax cuts for the love of hell !!!!

Join with me today in prayer for Joe Scraborough.

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