Romney gets sideswiped by McCain? Why didn’t God tell him it was coming?

The True God Of The True Church has obviously a big heart full of cash for Romney’s church. Why in the great depths of True Confusion, wouldn’t God beam his only true truth down on him for fair warning that Lucifer McCain is in the wings waiting to tell… tell……to tell the……truth about the other truths. That way, Romney could have planned in advance for the heat.

Here’s how it goes Mitt:   KARMA,  which is kinda like a Universal Law. Action/Reaction thing. 

Turn to the mirror buddy.  Bring Fox News with you. Oh, and CNN and MSNBC who is just having a hissy fit that you didn’t have your ear piece in. But, we know you can hear, because the debate whisperer was barely audible, except to the entire world. So, not sure why True God didn’t get to you quicker on the McCain thing.

While I’m at it, What say you about Blackwater’s shooting of men, women and children without any provocation. This is the 5th time I have asked. Still haven’t heard a word. Would you ask your God about that please?


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