Romney says he would be free to bypass treaties if they impinge on his power.




WASHINGTON – Republican John McCain says that if he is elected president, he would consider himself bound to obey treaties because they are “the law of the land.” But Mitt Romney says he would consider himself free to bypass treaties if they “impinge” on his powers as commander in chief.

Democrat Hillary Clinton says “in very rare instances,” she might attach a so-called signing statement to a bill reserving a right to bypass “provisions that contradict the Constitution.”

Romney’s BFF George Bush, privately calls evangelicals WACKOS

As he and Rove later mapped out his presidential bid, Bush faced a new problem: how to retain the support of the right-wing evangelical leaders that he privately called “wackos” without being so closely identified with them that the association would alienate other voters. The answer was to expand his support for religiously based treatment for drug and alcohol abuse into “faith-based initiatives”, his signature social policy.


How much worse can it get, before these poor right wing evangelicals wake up?  Who do the Bushies endorse? Mitt Romney. The new face of the Evangelicals party. And what a party it is !  Can I come ???? Pleeeease.

Dear Evangelicals: Your Bush Is On Fire. For Sex, not God ?

About Bush: “We spent hours talking about sex . . . who on the campaign was doing what to whom – but nothing about God. And I tried many, many times.”

Sometimes, I work out.  Sometimes I just sit in the cafe and have a mango smoothie and let others do the heavy lifting.

Isn’t this the same man who wants Romney to be President?

NeoCons frothing at mouth over McCain. I’m giddy about it.

There is an evil side to me. The side that is absolutely giddy over the rage of the far right. The more they freak, the giddier I get. I am almost high over it. I am tickled in 5 shades pink. Glowing from head to toe. How is it possible that so much anger in them can create so much joy in me? Kinda weird like that.

When I am feeling down, I only have to turn on Fox News and within 5 minutes of McCain Hating Diatribes, I am all new again. Like chocolate on sunday. To know that John McCain has essentially told them to go *F* themselves, is actually working to refresh my DNA.  I can feel my organs healing, and my hair becoming shinier.

John McCain – your candidacy, and the the extreme Satan’s who wanted to see you gasping for your last INDEPENDENT air on the shoulder of some sleazy South Carolina highway, have done more for my sex life than I ever imagined possible. I don’t even need a partner. All I need is Ann Coulter and Fox News. Throw in Bay Buchannan and RUSH, and it’s double orgasm.

Thank you God.

Latest Real Clear Politics Calif. Polling: Avg. Mccain ahead by 4 – Mason Dixon says ahead by 9. Rasmussen can’t make up it’s mind.

California Republican Primary

Tuesday, February 5 | Delegates at Stake: 173

Polling Data
Poll Date Sample McCain Romney Huckabee Paul Spread
RCP Average 01/25 – 02/02 35.4 30.4 11.4 5.4 McCain +5.0
Reuters/CSpan/Zogby 01/31 – 02/02 1185 LV 34 37 12 5 Romney +3.0
Suffolk 01/31 – 02/01 407 LV 39 32 8 4 McCain +7.0
Mason-Dixon 01/30 – 02/01 400 LV 40 31 13 3 McCain +9.0
Field 01/25 – 02/01 481 LV 32 24 13 10 McCain +8.0
Rasmussen 01/29 – 01/29 652 LV 32 28 11 5 McCain +4.0
See All California Republican Primary Polling Data

Is the Rasmussen Poll a fix for Romney, to help them steal Calif?

I don’t know how you could argue otherwise. I have seen the Rasmussen poll quoted on at least 20 blogs today.

Even though it is the only poll showing such ridiculous numbers.

Pay attention. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

Romney supporters CLOGGING blogs with MASS POSTINGS?

It appears to be happening all over the Blog-0-sphere. A concerted effort by a fairly large group of Romney supporters, to clog up the blogs with MASS postings, to move the negative Romney postings to the back pages. Who suffers? McCain, Huckabee, and Ron Paul.

You can see it here – for yourself.  But, if you want Romney news, you can go to  and search ROMNEY. You will find plenty.