Would you like to know WHO THE FAR RIGHT IS ?  Here is the bottom line. Right here. They expected Romney’s money would be enough to win the nomination. They thought McCain was dead. It was only when the ALARMS went off, indicating Romney would lose, that they got up off their Treasonous asses, and began to fight.  They were for Romney all along. All along. What does this mean?It means the far right, likely partnered with Romney on the whole SALT LAKE CITY OLYMPICS SHAM, AND THE RUSE ON MASSACHUSETTES.
February 3, 2008

Duncan Hunter Has Raised the National Security

 Alarm Over Mitt Romney.



Duncan Hunter was little more than a cipher in the 2008 race for the GOP presidential nomination.That doesn’t change the fact that he he served his country honorably, both in Vietnam and as a congressman since 1981.Many observers scratched their heads when Hunter ended his presidential ambitions two weeks ago. Of all the people he might have been expected to endorse, he backed Mike Huckabee.Why not John McCain? Why not Fred? Why not Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney?

Thompson’s easy: It was clear on January 19 when Hunter withdrew that Fred’s South Carolina showing was the end of the line.

McCain? The differences on immigration were probably too great, and McCain-Feingold didn’t help.

But it’s the reason that Mitt Romney didn’t get Duncan Hunter’s endorsement that deserves greater scrutiny (actually, it would be nice if it got ANY scrutiny).

Late last year, Hunter raised serious alarm over a business deal Mitt Romney’s “former” company, Bain Capital, wants to do that, if approved, has the potential to seriously compromise national security.

“Former” is in quotes in the previous paragraph because, though he likes to feign dissociation, Mitt Romney is still invested in many of Bain’s various entities. The New York Times reported it. When it was on his web site (attempts to locate it today were unsuccessful), the Romney campaign’s extract of the Times’s article conveniently snipped that fact. Though his time at Bain is in Romney’s bio, it doesn’t tell readers that he’s still an investor. Romney’s Personal Financial Disclosure form (PDF is accessible at link), while flawed in several ways, nevertheless confirms that his and his family’s Bain investments involve huge amounts of money.

Here’s what Hunter objected to on November 2 (backup link here for future reference; bolds are mine):

San Diego, CA – – – Presidential candidate and current Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Duncan Hunter, today called on former Governor Mitt Romney to send a “clear statement” to the leadership of the company he founded, Bain Capital, to terminate a proposed business deal with a controversial Chinese corporation seeking to acquire U.S. defense contractor 3COM. Bain Capital is attempting to form a business arrangement with Huawei Corporation, a Chinese corporation founded by an officer of the Peoples Liberation Army of Communist China, which faces allegations of assisting Saddam Hussein in the targeting of U.S. aircraft and in helping the Taliban develop surveillance equipment.

“I am extremely concerned that Governor Romney’s company would tout a highly suspect Chinese corporation as a strategic partner,” stated Hunter. “Forming a business partnership with a corporation known to have direct ties with terrorists and dictators while, at the same time, openly seeking to acquire a major U.S. corporation that performs vital cyber security work for the Department of Defense, can only be characterized as irresponsible.”




3 Responses

  1. You know what’s interesting about Duncan Hunter?

    The guy called himself a conservative. Many of believed him. Many of us supported him, even when we knew he had no chance.

    Here’s the interesting part:

    Duncan Hunter endorsed Mike Hucakbee.

    Mike Huckabee is a liberal in sheep’s clothing. Now I like Mike, I think he’s a nice person, but you would think a “so called” conservative named Duncan Hunter wouldn’t endorse a liberal.

    I’m not surprised he would pull a dirty liberal trick like this to get people to question Governor Romney’s trustwortiness, but Romney’s inegrity on national security is not to worry about. He’s an honest man, who cares about America and maintaining our values.

    There was a time I might have trusted something Duncan Hunter might say, but that was before he turned his back on every conservative in the county and hopped on The Huckster’s bandwagon.

    Which if I might add is coming to screaching halt, if you look at yesterday’s Maine results.

    Jason Bradley

  2. ok- thanks.

  3. Mitt is not only a risk to our national security, he is a risk to our values and morals;

    Any close observer Of Mitt Romneys tenure as Gov.will tell you that the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual forces never lost any battles under his tenure and that in fact, they grew in power and influence. Romney did nothing to restrain the groups who have launched a jihad on America’s Judeo-Christian culture.

    On so many occasions, the liberal agenda could have been slowed down or even defeated with the smallest internal regulatory decision or executive order and yet he never used the power he had to do that. He gave up the battlefield to our enemies over and over again.

    This is why every conservative in America needs to question his overly hyped conversion to conservatism. How can we trust a man who has done so much damage to causes dear to our hearts who has suddenly become a conservative only after deciding to run for President?

    Fourteen years ago the country was duped by a charming, smooth talking “moderate” Democrat named Bill Clinton who used the power of the Presidency to inflict great damage to America’s military, to our intelligence agencies, and to our culture. The gap between how Clinton appeared to most Americans and how he really governed was huge. We cannot afford another President like that.

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