Huckabee deftly carves Mitt Romney a new one.

If you missed Blitzer’s interview just now of Mike Huckabee, you really missed the party. Since he was given no time to refute Romney’s insane, dillusional, deceptive assertion (last debate), that rebuilding America’s infrastructure is a stupid idea, due to all the time and planning that would have to be done first, he was given the time with Blitzer just now, and it is worth framing. Please, someone make that a YOU TUBE and I will help you spread it over every nook and cranny.  PRICELESS.

Essentially this:  I don’t know what Mitt did in MA. but most Governors spend time thinking and planning important projects that would be good for the state they govern. He states ALL THE PLANNING HAS BEEN DONE !  ALL THEY NEED IS THE DAMN MONEY ! He didn’t say damn. Only Mitt uses that word, when he’s not on TV.

In other words, Mitt was deceptive. Mitt isn’t stupid. Although, that is now up for debate.

So, the part that CNN didn’t give Huckabee time to say (likely intentionally), was that ROMNEY IS A FOOL.

More and more reasons to fall in love with Mike Huckabee, even though the Bible stuff clogs my pores. I can’t have that long term. But for now, YAHOO !

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  1. Any close observer Of Mitt Romneys tenure as Gov.will tell you that the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual forces never lost any battles under his tenure and that in fact, they grew in power and influence. Romney did nothing to restrain the groups who have launched a jihad on America’s Judeo-Christian culture.

    On so many occasions, the liberal agenda could have been slowed down or even defeated with the smallest internal regulatory decision or executive order and yet he never used the power he had to do that. He gave up the battlefield to our enemies over and over again.

    This is why every conservative in America needs to question his overly hyped conversion to conservatism. How can we trust a man who has done so much damage to causes dear to our hearts who has suddenly become a conservative only after deciding to run for President?

    Fourteen years ago the country was duped by a charming, smooth talking “moderate” Democrat named Bill Clinton who used the power of the Presidency to inflict great damage to America’s military, to our intelligence agencies, and to our culture. The gap between how Clinton appeared to most Americans and how he really governed was huge. We cannot afford another President like that.

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