“When the Jews return to Zion/And a comet fills the sky/And the Holy Roman Empire rises/Then you and I must die.” Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, The Desolate One.

Out: The Glorious Evil of Governor Mitt Romney. Cue to the Theme from The Omen. There is something so gloriously and unapologetically evil about Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney — 666 — that it’s almost refreshing. Even his name pronounced trippingly on the tongue tastes like blood. Not since Lucifer fancied himself more competent than the “naive” Semitic God has a political player been so audacious in his “nightmoves.”

Oftentimes, The Corsair has been moved –rhapsodically — to compare Governor Romney to the dark John Hoynes on The West Wing. Piffle! The fictional Hoynes wouldn’t last a minute with the ubersatanic Romney, a man whose overarching dream is to be President, but can he do so with those pronounced cloven hooves? We shall soon know his velocity. Check this out on The Governor’s “evolving” (Averted Gaze) views on abortion choice for women, from

“Governor Mitt Romney recently told USA Today he is ‘in a different place’ on the subject of abortion. He declined to elaborate, but the ”place” he is in is a confusing one and has been for a long time.

“As a recent article in the conservative American Spectator concluded: ”As the 2008 GOP nomination contest approaches, many Americans will be watching to see if Mitt Romney is another abortion waffler, or if he has just been holding back all these years.’ The Spectator labels Romnepro-choicece, but the author expresses the hope that Romney’s position was nothing more than a ruse to win election in liberal Massachusetts.”

By the way, the CIA name for Osama Bin Laden is TIM OSMAN.   mitt is tim backwards with a CROSS.

The T represents the cross in many cases.


2 Responses

  1. The only issue Mitt changed his mind on was abortion and he admitted he was wrong. All these presidential candidates have flip-flopped and lately Huckabee and McCain are the worst. Kissin’ cousins Mike and John are up to something. Huckabee is still running to keep some voters away from Mitt and you can see clearly how these two are kissing each others’ behind. Did you ever read Revelation in the Bible on the number 666, the 7 hills, the number on the Pope’s ‘headress’? Mitt Romney many not win because of the ignorance of the evangelicals ‘holier than thou’ attitude and the resentment and jealousy because Mitt has everything.

  2. ok – thanks

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