IRAQ, THE MOST PRIVATIZED WAR IN HISTORY: More private security in Iraq than military from other countries.

The Military Industrial Complex: Iraq for Sale

Iraq is the most privatized war in history.

Forty cents out of every dollar that congress spends on war, goes to private contractors [$275,000,000 Daily].

There are more American private security troops in Iraq than military personnel from any other country.

These private troops come from Military Contracting Corporations. Whose Sole Concern is Profit. Not lives lost, not efficient use of resources, not anything other than Money.

The success of these companies depends entirely on the financing they receive from the United States Government.

In Falluja, 4 Blackwater agents were killed. Blackwater used this “event” to meet with high profile congressman who held important positions in congressional committees. Blackwater was soon able to acquire contracts and prevent investigations.

These war profiteering corporations have directors who worked at the highest levels of the Pentagon and CIA. It is the equivalent of insider trading… it is insider trading.



3 Responses

  1. Privatizing the military has been on the books for some time now. There are jobs in the military that are menial but they still have to be done. When I was in the Navy they had what they called mess cranking. You worked in the Galley whether on land or sea for 3 months. This instilled in you the value of doing a good job. The Navy has looked for ways to save money on everything that it does. Now they are putting civilians on combatant type ships to do the menial jobs that no one wanted to do in the first place. How does this save the Navy money is beyond me. What is to keep this person from leaving the ship as soon as it docks. They may be under contract but that is not the same of being an enlisted person. You sign the contract to join and your ass and everything attached to it belongs to Uncle Sam.

  2. How can it be a privatized war if the contractors are receiving funds from the Government?

  3. It is privatized because the corporations receiving the government contracts are private businesses. You could [technically] pay these same companies (blackwater, haliburton, etc.) to do something for you.

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