Utah Republican Mormons go 84 % Romney.

Predictable.  94% of Nevada republicans went for Romney.  Imagine what that would mean…..how that translates if this man becomes President with that nearly unanimous support from his church? THINK. You may not know what this really means. That’s because you don’t know the church, and you aren’t paying attention to whose actually in top leadership positions through-out this country. Harry Reid is the Primary Gate Keeper for George Bush, and he’s no democrat. I can assure you. Just another giant Ruse.  Why do you think we are where we are. Nothing will touch Bush. Nothing. Not while Dirty Harry is in charge.


Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV

January 31 — February 1

Likely Republican primary voters’ choice for nominee

Romney 84%

McCain 4%

Unsure 12%

Sampling error: +/-6.5% pts



2 Responses

  1. I’m wondering if you really know the church.

  2. I was a Mormon and believed in the teachings of the Church.
    I no longer believe such things, However, LDS Mormons are Christians and believe in supporting and obeying the government of the United States. I can say with firm opinion,that: they are a just people and never mean harm or dismay of anyone. I can trust in any member of that church to this day. The Mormon Leadership is reflection of the Government of the United States,in that not one sole person has say as to what beliefs Mormons follow. They have their own democratic way to decide who is the head of their church.
    I also know that not all Mormons will not vote for Romney.

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