Romney supporters owning Technorati! Are you pinging your postings? Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Our democracy is at stake !

How to expland your readership in a heartbeat: PING IT YOURSELF.  Go to  and CLAIM YOUR BLOG. Here’s the link to PING Technorati so they will immediately scan your blog for new content. It will show up on this Mammoth Blog Central. Romney supporters are pinging like crazy, and there are few McCain supporters pinging. Maybe they just don’t know how, or ????  There could be more in play here.  There is VERY LITTLE, blog posts on Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. Curious.

Here’s the link to PING IT YOURSELF:

You will need to register your blog. Then, PING it yourself after every post. Make a bookmark.


One Response

  1. Thanks!

    We’re all gonna be glad to have a chance to catch our breath. . .

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