Ahhh Such Sweet Relief That Bush Sr Endorses McCain

How many ways to say OMG!!!!  How many nails to secure to a coffin? Apparently, one more. Bush Sr. endorses Romney – I mean McCain. Yes, as  someone who just couldn’t bare voting for Clinton under ANY circumstances, and has deep suspicions about Obama, and Ron Paul just can’t catch up (sorry guys) – and even though I am TOTALLY ANTI WAR, I was actually considering a vote for the only man I felt was honest and trustoworthy. A straight shooter. Someone I believed would watch out for the people of this great nation.

 Anf then there were none.

 First of all, Romney’s last second deal with McCain for his endorsement (torture)- reeks and reeks of ROTTEN, EVIL , GENETICALLY ALTERED APPLES !! What a laugh. The good news, is NOW WE KNOW WHO MCCAIN IS. He’s a Traitor too. Plain and simple. Don’t try to BS yourself. He’s no different than the rest of them. How sad.

First, he says torture is bad. Very bad. Now — not so much.

John: lost my confidence, lost any hope of a vote from me, and in fact, I guess now I have to get back on WordPress 24/7 to make sure you do not EVER bring Romney in the White Horse House back door to run this country. CUZ YOU WILL. You made a deal with the devil and your eyes are suddenly sunken. Cindy- run. Save your soul baby. And take your 22 pets with you.

I did John’s numbers recently. I didn’t post them, because- well, I don’t know. Maybe it was too much for me to take on. I wanted to believe in him. Numbers are funny things. They hold the signature of both light and dark. So, you will need to judge them by their actions. Until now, I thought the 666 in John McCain’s signature was of the light. Yes, it happens. That’s because everything is numbered NOT BY THE LIGHT. But the light is still present. I’m not talking about Lucifer’s light. I am talking about Authentic Light- of True Source – not the Earth Gods, of which you are soon to meet my friends. They walk among you now. They only look human. Wake up.

So, it is clear to me this 666. It is not of light. It came into focus just in time.  There is literally no one running that I trust. Not one. Time for some wine and a shovel.

there’s that


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