Will the Clinton’s lie and cheat to win?

How Far Are the Clintons Willing to Go?

By Robert Parry, Consortium News
Posted on February 18, 2008, Printed on February 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton, who has built her case for the presidency on her superior “ready on Day One” management skills, burned through almost $130 million of campaign money, had to kick in $5 million from her own murky family funds, and is now pressing her chief financial backers to find creative ways to raise more money.

Some of those financial schemes appear to skirt the law — as some backers consider putting money into “independent” entities that can spend unlimited sums but aren’t supposed to coordinate with the campaign — while other ideas are more traditional, like appealing to wealthy donors involved with the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby.

Sen. Clinton’s new scramble for money — as well as her campaign’s declaration that it is prepared to override the will of the elected Democratic delegates if necessary to secure the nomination — raise the question of just how far Bill and Hillary Clinton are willing to go to achieve their presidential restoration.


One Response

  1. How very ridiculous. It was obvious on “Meet the Press” on Sunday last that they were out to delete Clinton.

    How can Americans forget so quickly that America was safe before the Fixed 9/11 thing, and that Americans were happy when the Clintons were in office?

    It is obvious that this Obama thing is being very controlled to destroy the Clintons. After all, Israel wants to take us down the road. We’re giving this evil state lots of money, and they don’t care.

    As Helen Thomas said, Bush is evil

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